Auto Care: Removing Odor from Car

Several factors contribute to car smells. Unfortunately, ridding cars of unpleasant odors are not always easy – especially if the smell has remained for a long period. Nonetheless, there are effective approaches to eliminating odors.

� Discover the root of smells. There is always a cause behind car odors. If your vehicle has not been cleaned lately, devote a few hours to removing trash from the interior. In some cases, odor can be emitting from an old fast food bag.

âÂ?¢ If any spills occur while driving, immediately blot the stain and wash the area once you’ve arrived at your destination. Failing to clean coffee and other spills may create a permanent smell inside the vehicle.

� Stale odors are common in vehicles. However, airing out the vehicle may solve this problem. Leave the windows rolled down for a few hours. Choose a breezy or windy day to freshen the car.

� Because most odors are caused by bacteria, choose carpet and upholstery cleaner with ingredients to kill bacteria. Use the cleaner of floors, dashboards, and seats.

� If possible, avoid smoking inside the car. Over time, smoke can become imbedded in fabrics. Similarly, if you are a non-smoker, do not allow passengers to smoke inside the vehicle.

� Keep windows rolled up during rain storms. If carpet and seats become wet from rain, mold and mildew can grow, and create an unpleasant musty smell.

� A foolproof method for eliminating car odors involves placing an air freshener inside the vehicle. Air fresheners could hand from rear view mirrors, or plug into the cigarette lighter. Once a week, consider spraying an odor neutralizer (Febreze, NutraAir) to carpet and interior.

� Unless your animals are fully trained, keep them out of the vehicle. Pet accidents may occur, and the smell of animal urine is potent.

� If you have exhausted every means of removing car odor, consider having the car professionally

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