Avoid SunRocket Internet Phone Service

There are a lot of different Voice Over Internet Protocol phone services to choose form these days. What’s great about them is you can make as many long distance calls as you want to places like Canada and Puerto Rico and anywhere in the continental United States for only one low monthly fee. Not a bad deal, with the one exception that you also have to have a high-speed internet connection. See, these phone services use your high-speed connection to transmit your voice.

There seems to be another new service popping up nearly every day. The one most people have probably heard of is called Vonage. I used them at one time. The problem I had was that my cell phone service turned out to be more cost-effective and I found cancelling with Vonage very difficult. When I finally did cancel my service with them, I felt it was ended on very bad terms. So, when I decided it was time to consider another VOIP service, I checked around. The one that sounded interesting to me was called Sunrocket. After a few months of trying this service I have some advice for those of you considering VOIP technology and phone services.

Avoid Sunrocket VOIP internet phone service as if it might shock you or cause your children to grow second or third heads. What a truly horrific disappointment this service and product turned out to be.

VOIP services use your high speed internet connection for phone use. The service is affordable and for a fee of about $25 a month you can make unlimited calls across the US, Canada and to Puerto Rico. It’s great.

Stick with Vonage. They were the first and years of experience have made them the best. If I hadn’t run into my problems with them, I would probably have gone with them again.

Sunrocket looked great. You got great phones for free. However, their router system is complicated. Sometimes I will pick up the phone and call someone and they won’t be able to hear or understand me. I am either too faint or so garbled I sound like a being from another planet. The only way to fix this is to go through a ridiculous procedure of unplugging my modem, then the two routers and then plugging them all back in in a certain sequence.

Sometimes I will have lost my internet connection and the problem is not with my internet service but with the Sunrocket router.

Go with Vonage. Avoid Sunrocket.

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