Avon Skin so Soft Bath Oil – What a Great Find!

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil is a fantastic product that I simply can’t live without – and I’ve tried ’em all! As a youth I had the softest skin, but as I got older I noticed that especially my hands often seemed too dry. Now my entire body of skin seems too dry – almost all the time. Thank goodness for Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil.

Avon has been around for years, and many people still swear by certain products they make even to this day. For me, I’ve ordered Avon products in the past, but there were none that stood out in my mind as something I couldn’t live without, until I tried Skin So Soft. It’s an oil that is placed directly into the bath water to soften skin.

The minute you get in the bath water you’ll realize that your skin is being moisturized. You instantly feel coated in silk or satin. Upon getting out of the tub you seem to have a coating of oil, which dries off easily with the towel. Upon drying off, your skin is silky soft, but doesn’t feel oily. Rub your fingers together – no oily feel.

I must say that you’ll have an oily ring in the tub, so best to clean that right away before someone slips, but the bother is well worth what you get in return. And, you can buy other types of Skin So Soft, even ones that come in spray bottles. I use this on a dampened wash cloth when I just want to freshen up without feeling dry again. With bath soap and body wash, my skin often feels more dry than it was beforehand.

If you’ve just shaved your legs, Skin So Soft Bath Oil makes them feel soft and smooth, while lending a sort of glimmer to your legs at the same time. And, it has the extra added bonus of being a mosquito and tick repellent. They just don’t seem to like the bath oil and will avoid you, or your children, at all costs. This makes the spray bottle even more aptly suited for taking on walks or to the park.

I absolutely love the smell of the product which lingers subtly. There are several different sizes, and types (like squirt bottle or regular bottle), so there’s a size for anyone’s budget. Avon has a good reputation, too, so you don’t have to wonder about what type of product you’re purchasing.

Skin So Soft is a total product line including soaps and powders, my favorite is the bath oil. A couple of things to remember, though, about the oil: one is that if you’ll be swimming in an above-ground pool, you might want to rinse off first. If not, you could see oil floating all around you, on top of the water. Secondly, check the ingredients before trying this or any other new product to see what kind of fragrances and such have been added.

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