BPO Jobs – Are They Owned?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become a dirty word in the west. It signifies loss of jobs. It means some nondescript, incapable, dumb, less-than human creature sitting somewhere in the third-world is eating steadily into the innards of a white-collared worker in the US or UK. Perhaps, there is some truth in that. Or, may be not. There is another side to the whole controversy.

For hundreds of years the west has held economic and military sway over most of the world. It’s another matter that, for a period before that, the east was more advanced culturally and economically. Over the past hundreds of years, those from the west looted, pillaged and exploited most of the world, especially the eastand Africa, in particular. But, fortune has wheels that turn and the wheel is turning and once again – economies of the east are poised to prosper.

The populace from the east faced its unenviable fortune with grace and fortitude during the dark days when they were enslaved, exploited and treated with utmost contempt.

If things are changing and some in the US or UK or other parts of the west, are losing jobs to ‘cheap’ labour from the east, then let them look for sources of strength within their culture and, if they can, in their spirituality. There are millions of people starving across the world and there are consumers of useless drinks and junk food who spare no thought for the hungry or lift a finger to help. Why, then, this sudden concern and paranoia?

Are jobs and employment, comfortable living and human rights the sole preserve of those from the west? Just because one belongs to the west does it give one an intrinsically more sacred or holy right right or privilege – a previlege just for them and not others? These rights are equal to all the people of the world.

The thus-far privileged ones need to wake up and grow up for the wheels are turning and nothing will stop the turning wheels of fortune…

Those that spoke of the mantra of free markets must now believe in it. Those that spoke of the right of might, must now accept the might of cheap labour that is equally or, maybe, more effective. Those that believed in the God of Laissez-Faire must know that the God is smiling upon their erstwhile poor brothers from the east – now, don’t forsake that God!

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