Back to School Fall Fashion 101

With fall just around the corner, its time to take the style off the runways and translate couture into everyday workable looks. Its actually easier than you think. The most important aspect getting your new fall look is accessorizing. You don’t need to throw away your old fall wardrobe, you just need to integrate it with some key signature pieces and accessories. Therefore, your seven style commandments for this fall will help you get you sexy and sassy.

1. Get the skinny here!
The first look you want to make sure you include in your fall wardrobe is the skinny belt. Its back in, but make sure it sits high on the waist to accentuate your hourglass figure. Also, Your Leggings Are No Longer for the Gym. It’s a lean season for the bottom half. Ralph Lauren’s fall collection featured this new take on an old eighties look. Also, did you know your jeans are your new accessory! And it’s not just any jean but the skinny jean, in dark tones. Just make sure to off set you skinny jean with a top that has volume.

2. Comfy large knits are it.
Think of how warm and cuddly you’ll feel on that blizzardy afternoon when you sport your oversized, and might I add, comfy knit sweater. Derek Lam, Karl Lagerfeld, and Zero Maria Cornejo are just a few designers with different takes on how knit is it for fall. Also oversized knit sweater dresses are a great modification to this trend.

3. Plaids aren’t for uniforms anymore.
If you associate plaid with a boarding school uniform, brainwash yourself. Thankfully, the innovativeness of designer like Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Ralph Lauren, you will go mad for plaid this fall. Also don’t be scared to mix patterns, its all about transcending the norm.

4. Its all about the ankles.
If you show a little knee, you got to show some ankle, and in fall when you tend to cover up, the ankle boot is in. Why not layer with leggings, and sport those sexy ankle boots. Nothing says eighties like sassy booties with a dangerous heel. Thakoon offers a sexy soft take on the ankle boot, while Donna Karan offers a more hardcore option with buckled hardware.

5. Roar for Lippi Cat Prints.
This Chinese animal was featured in various fall collections. Maybe its due to it’s neutral tone. Oscar de la Renta, Tuleh, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui all featured different takes on this fall fashion. From classy, to grungy, to fun, lippi prints are fashionably fall.

6. 2 words: sheer black.
Elegant evening equals one thing: tulle. Light, sheer, black nettings dust over the neck at Michael Kors, down the sleeves at De la Renta, and billow light as a shadow off a long draped skirt at Calvin Klein. Layer sheer black pieces over solid black pieces for a way to integrate this new fall look into your current wardrobe.

7. Bell of the ball.
Balenciaga (Crist�³bal) was a looming subconscious influence on many designers this fall. His elegant signature bell shaped fashions showed up on everything from a Marc Jacobs jacket to a brocade skirt by Vera Wang. This can also be correlated into voluminous sleeves dominating the runways this fall.

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