Back-to-School Party Ideas

Many kids don’t like the phrase “back-to-school”, but some kids look forward to getting back together with their friends and participating in school activities. Kids love parties to celebrate all occasions, and a back-to-school party is a fun and fabulous way to celebrate going back to school.

A party in celebration of going back to school is a party to anticipate all summer long, and a party will make going back to school much easier and much more fun for school kids of all ages. A party in celebration of going back to school will make the familiar “back-to-school” phrase, much more bearable for your students.

The following ideas will help you and your kids host a fun and entertaining back-to-school party. These back-to-school party ideas are low-cost, easy, and most of all fun. Consider these back-to-school party ideas for your school kids and their friends.

Easy Invitation Ideas

Instead of standard party invitations, make an invitation that’s not only creative, but inexpensive as well. Make copies of a map of the interior of the school on plain white paper, and create fun and colorful party invitations. Fold each map into quarters, and have your kid’s use markers to create designs and add the appropriate text. Write party details inside the decorated map, and send them to all of your kid’s friends about two weeks before the party.

Ideas for Fun

School Supply Search

Host a fun and exciting search at your child’s back-to-school party. Purchase school supplies on your child’s list, and mark them with tape or stickers. The stickers will prevent kids from picking up similar items that aren’t part of the game. Hide the marked school supplies in a specified area of your home. Give the partygoers a copy of the list, and have them search for the items. Make the kids aware that storage areas such as cabinets and drawers are off limits.

Award the child who finds most of the hidden school supplies a goody bag filled with treats and supplies for school. In the event of a tie, split the grand prize between participants. Make sure all of the kids receive a small prize such as a fancy eraser, a decorative pencil, or anything else you think they’ll enjoy. Everyone should be made to feel like a winner at this fun back-to-school party!

Back-to-School Dress-up Fun

This fun and hilarious back-to-school party activity is one of the most entertaining party ideas for kids. This activity involves putting on old clothes and accessories while blindfolded. Provide a large box of old clothing, hats, gloves, belts, costume jewelry, and shoes. Choose both men’s and women’s clothes, and mix up them up inside the box. Blindfold the first player, and have them blindly choose an outfit to put on over their clothes for the first day of school. The more outdated or silly looking the clothes and accessories are the better. Both boys and girls will enjoy participating in this uproarious party activity.

After the first player considers their outfit complete, snap a digital picture. The kids won’t be able to stop laughing and neither will you! Have the first player put their outfit back in the box, and mix up the contents again. Blindfold the next player, and so on. Continue playing this fun and hilarious dress-up activity until everyone has participated.

Enlarge the digital pictures on your computer, and have the kids vote on the funniest outfit, best outfit, and so on. Give an award in each category, and make sure every participant wins a prize. Everyone at your back-to-school party will love this activity, and you can keep the photos to add to your child’s scrapbook of school memories or photo album.

Fun Food Ideas

Who says food from the school cafeteria isn’t good? Incorporate lunch into your kid’s back-to-school party, and serve their favorite cafeteria foods on disposable divided plates that are similar to cafeteria trays. Choose their favorites such as chicken nuggets, pizza slices, hot dogs, or hamburgers, and serve them with other school lunch favorites such as tater tots and applesauce. Make this back-to-school party an experience to remember with fun activities, cafeteria food, friends, and most of all, fun.

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