Back to the Books

In preparation for tomorrow’s start of school for St. Louis City kids, ‘get ready for school’ was the main topic at the two Back-to-School rallies held yesterday at the Herbert Hoover Boys’ and Girls’ Club on N. Grand and the YMCA on Page, sponsored by FOX 2, HOT 104.1, and Foxy 95.5.

Free backpacks, haircuts, school supplies and glimpses of Chingy were highly covetted items at the events. Superintendent Dr. Bourisaw was on-hand at both, and shared with me that the school district’s sponsored event of the same name and focus, held a week prior had 7,000 attendees. While there wasn’t a count of the attendees at the two events yesterday, there were, by visual estimation, thousands.

Dr. Bourisaw’s message to the kids (and parents) at the YMCA event was to “…turn off the TV, and do your homework.”

When I went to school, we didn’t have such large events, unless you count the mad dashing at Venture (that dates me) to get your supplies before they ran out, and the officially sponsored icecream social at the school.

It is good to see the community come together to help parents and students with the tools the kids need to be successful.

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