Backyard Child-Proofing Tips Every Dad Needs to Know

There are several things that you as a Dad need to do in your backyard to make sure that your children are safe while they are playing and hanging out in their backyard. Here is a handy list that will help you keep your kids safe.

Install a fence

A fence is a great tool not only to help keep your children inside the enclosure but to also keep people out. Installing a fence can be a big deterrent for people who are not welcomed in your yard.

Play Equipment

Make sure to inspect all of the children’s play equipment often. If you have a play set or swing set in your backyard make sure it is securely in the ground and supported. Also check all nuts and bolts to make sure they are tightened.

Lock up lawn care items

Don’t leave shovels, rakes or chemicals out where little hands can get to them. Lock them in the garage or in a storage shed.

Secure the Pool

Make sure that the ladder to the pool is not accessible to the children and that your pool is properly fenced off so that little ones can not accidentally get into the pool and drowned.

Inspect and repair broken fences or decks

Don’t leave this project for later, repair any holes or broken piece of the deck or fence to keep your little ones from getting hurt.

Put away the BBQ equipment

Once you are done with your BBQ grill, charcoal and lighter fluid put them away. These things can severally harm your children. Also be careful to keep an extra close eye on your children when you are have a fire going in the grill as a hot grill can cause severe burns.

Remove Poisonous Plants

Inspect your yard to poison ivy or other plants that could be poisonous. If you are in doubt contact your local greenhouse for assistance.

Remove any thorny bushes or trees

Kids love to run and play so many times they will not be as conscious to those thorny plants or trees that can hurt them. Save them from falling into them by simply removing them.

Install a sand box

A sand box is a great way to keep the kids all in one spot and out of danger zones. You can pick up a premade plastic sand box from your local toy store or easily build one yourself.

Never leave the kids unattended

No matter how many physical things you do to childproof your backyard you still need to be there to supervise and keep a watchful eye on them.

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