Bagless Vacum Cleaners Versus Bagged Vacum Cleaners

Trying to decide whether you want to use a vacuum cleaner that uses bags or the ones that use a dirt collection container and a filtering system can be a tedious ordeal. Either way, the vacuum cleaner will need to be able to actually pick up the dirt and debris from your carpet and floors.

No matter what kind of prefilter, HEPA filter or disposable bags that your vacuum cleaner uses they will need to be changed. While you may expect to spend more on bagless vacuum cleaner, but the average life of a vacuum cleaner, you will spend the same amount of money on either type of filters your vacuum cleaner uses.

You will need to empty the container that holds the dirt on you cyclone style vacuum cleaners when it becomes full in order to keep your vacuum running peak levels. You will also need to perform regular maintenance on your vacuum, such as cleaning or replacing the filter and clearing the floor roller located on the bottom of your vacuum. Many vacuums now use a pleated HEPA filter.

Cleaning Values of Bagless and Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

With the claims of the airflow performance with the bagless vacuum cleaners, over time you could get the same or better performances from a bagged vacuum cleaner.

The performances of bagged vacuum cleaners start at 100% when new vacuum bags are placed in the sweepers, and the performance value drops as the bags fill. The performance of the bags will depend on their construction.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag Life Expectancy

� The first week of the new bag will be at 90%.
� The second and third weeks of the vacuum cleaner bag will drop to 70%.
� The fourth and final week of the life of the vacuum cleaner bag will drop to 50% and now is the time to change the bag.

Vacuum cleaner bags will need to be changed every three to fours weeks to keep the performance of your vacuum cleaner at its highest potential.

Vacuum Cleaner Filter Life Expectancy

� The filters on vacuum cleaners are designed to last for 6, 12, and up to 18 months before they will need to be replaced.

Pets Aren’t Carpet and Furniture Friendly, Vacuuming of the Pet Hair

When it comes to vacuuming with pets and their hair shedding, many people wonder about how effective their vacuum is when it comes to their pet’s hair.

With vacuum cleaners that use pleated filter cartridges, pet hair will stick to the filter cartridges. The pet hair will reduce the performance of the airflow of the filter cartridge. The filter cartridges can become hard to clean with the infiltration of the pet hair.

The fibers of the filters can retain pet odors even after you have cleaned the filter cartridge the best that you can. While many vacuums require, the filters be replaced once a year, waiting that long, the pet odors that are trapped in the filter could stink your house up very badly. Pet owners may need to change their vacuum filter cartridges more often.

All Bagged Up, Off to the Trash Can We Go!

The vacuums that use vacuum cleaner bags often provide a neat way of disposing of a filled bag. BOSCH has engineered bag disposal into their vacuum’s system. The BOSCH canister vacuum has a dust-free way of replacing the vacuum cleaner bags. The mega filter vacuum cleaner bags once they are removed will slide shut trapping the dirt and other items inside the bag.

There are die-hard bagless vacuum cleaner fans. Many of these bagless vacuum cleaner fans will continue to purchase and never return to a bagged vacuum cleaner again.

The vacuum cleaners of the past are the vacuum cleaners which used bags to hold the filth vacuumed from your floors and carpets. The bagless vacuums are the future in vacuuming your carpets and floors. Other than the reasons mentioned in this article, there are more reasons why one should choose a bagless vacuum cleaner.

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