Barbecue Restaurants in Manhattan

New York has everything, even Barbecue Restaurants. The prices are moderate and the food is good. One of the greatest adventures in Manhattan is to explore and find a new restaurant. However, sometimes it is nice to know where you are going. Especially if you are new to the city or if going to be in a specific neighborhood, like a certain cuisine and want to make sure you will find it. These are just some of the best Southern Barbecue Restaurants in Manhattan. I have included listings from as many different neighborhoods as possible. So let’s take a journey through Manhattan, and see if we can find a bit of the South . They all have a web site with menus, so you can get a sneak peak The prices listed are in effect at this time, but they are subject to change. Happy eating.

Barbecue Restaurants in Downtown Manhattan

A&M Road House Barbecue Restaurant
57 Murray St, New York 10007
Between Church St & W Broadway
Check out the band schedule. Maybe you can be there for the entertainment. While you are enjoying the music, you can chow down on things like this.Roadhouse Spare Ribs Specially seasoned , slow cooked to tenderness and completed with our special BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of southern fries or onion rings and an additional side from below. $16
BBQ Chicken Select 3 Lb chickens marinated and slow smoked and cooked over a can of beer and completed with our special BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of southern fries or onion rings and an additional side from below. Half $11 Whole $15

Buster’s Garage Barbecue Restaurant
180 W Broadway, New York 10013
Between Leonard & Worth Street
You can fuel up here on things like this
All Entrees served with starch and vegetable of the day

Barbecue Restaurants in Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Cowgirl Barbecue Restaurant
519 Hudson St, New York 10014
At W 10th Street
They also have a general store in addition to the restaurant. They are available for private parties. Here are sone sample from their dinner menu
Cajun Fried Shrimp 9.95
a basket of batter-fried shrimp served with a chipotle mayo and a horseradish cocktail sauce
Cabezo de Ajo 7.95
a roasted head of garlic with melted jack, fresh tomatillo salsa and crouton toasts
Sweet Potato Fries 5.95
with pecans and a honey mustard mayo dip

Mara’s Homemade Barbecue Restaurant
342 E 6th St, New York 10003
Between 1st & 2nd Avenues
This time we have Arkansas Barbecue this is from their menu. They also have daily specials. You can check them out on the front page of the web site.
Rib Platters
Served with choice of two sides Half Rack Full Rack
St. Louis Style Ribs $13.95 $22.95
Baby Back Ribs $15.95 $24.95
Rib Combo: �½ rack baby backs & �½ rack St. Louis style ribs $25.95

Barbecue Restaurants in Midtown, Manhattan

Daisy May’s Barbecue Restaurant
623 11th Ave, New York 10036
At 46th Street
You can find Daisy May’s food allover the city They have a string of food carts, so you can grab some on the go. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant you can get the following:
Kansas City Sweet & Sticky Pork Ribs OR Memphis Dry Rub Pork Ribs Choice of Two Sides $13.50
Tennessee Whiskey Beer Can Style Half Chicken Choice of Two Sides $11.50
Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib Choice of Two Sides $16.00

Spanky’s BBQ Barbecue Restaurant
127 W 43rd St, New York 10036
Between 6th & 7th Avenues
They can handle a private party of up to 115 guests. Here are some items from the dinner menu.
Mighty Red Gumbo andouille sausage, shrimp and chicken $12.50
Blackened Catfish pan-seared american catfish served with black-eyed peas and rice $14.95
Slow Smoked Moo Shoo Pork hoisin ginger barbecue sauce and steamed pancakes$14.50

Barbecue Restaurants on The Upper East Side of Manhattan

Brother Jimmy’s Barbecue Restaurant
1485 2nd Ave, New York 10021
Between 77th & 78th Streets
This is only one of their 5 locations in Manhattan They do catering and are available for private parties. Here are some of their menu items.
Fried Green Tomatoes $6.75
Fried Okra with hot dipping sauce $6.95
�½ BBQ Chicken $12.95
BBQ Chicken & Ribs�¼ BBQ Chicken & 3 Ribs. Choose Northern, Southern or Dry Rub

Dallas BBQ Barbecue Restaurant
1265 3rd Ave, New York 10021
At 73rd Street
Get your Texas Style Barbecue here. They are available for catering. A few examples from their menu:
Crabcakes Served with Cole Slaw$7.99
Crispy Shrimp Served with Cole Slaw & Tartar Sauce$7.99
Half Chicken Served with Combread and a Choice of Baked or French Fried Idaho Potatoes or Yellow Rice $5.99
Bar-B-Q Beef Ribs Texas Style, served with Combread and a Choice of Baked or French Fried Idaho Potatoes or Yellow Rice $10.99

Barbecue Restaurants on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

Rack & Soul Barbecue Restaurant
2818 Broadway, New York 10025
At 109th Street
Chicken, ribs and soul food are a great combination. They are available for catering and here are some examples from their dinner menu. Theses come with a choice of two sides and they have a kids menu also.

Fried Chicken $13.95
Fried Catfish $15.95

Texas Rotisserie & Grill Barbecue Restaurant
2581 Broadway, New York 10025
At 97th Street
They are available for catering. Here are some example from their dinner menu They are served with corn bread and 2 sides.
3 Piece Fried Chicken Platter $7.75
Half Rack Baby Back BBQ Ribs $12.99

Barbecue restaurants in Uptown Manhattan

Lenox Lounge Barbecue Restaurant
288 Lenox Ave, New York 10027
Between 124th & 125th Streets
Barbecue, Soul Food and Jazz, what more could you want They are also available for catering.

Sylvia’s Barbecue Restaurant
328 Lenox Ave, New York 10027
Between 126th & 127th Streets
If you have not been to Sylvia’s, you have not seen New York. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just a couple of suggestions from the menu
Sylvia’s Down Home Fried or Smothered Chicken $10.95
all white meat$11.95
Tasty Carolina Style Grilled Catfish $12.95

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