Baseball – a Game of Skill

Baseball is a very fun game, the supplies you will need to play this game is a pad of paper and a pen to tally scores of each team. Then you will need four different sized containers, normally a shot glass, a short glass, a beer mug, and one pitcher (or large glass). Also you will need a coin normally a quarter but it is really your choice. Setup the glasses in order on the table from largest to smallest; each glass represents a different “hit” in baseball. Shot glass is a single, scotch glass is a double, beer mug is a triple, and of course the pitcher is a home run. You will then setup a “home plate” which is where you will “hit” from; you bounce the quarter and try to get it into one of the glasses. If you are successful the other team must drink the beer in the cup you made your shot into and all the cups below it.

This is also how you will score runs, making multiple “hits” in a row will drive runners in and increase your score (i.e. a single followed by a triple would result in one run scored, where a single followed by a double will put runners at second and third and so on). Each team gets three “outs” just like in baseball, an out occurs when a player misses all of the glasses with the coin. After three outs the other team bats.

The game can be played with as few as two people but is more fun with many people. You will need to separate your teams into two teams generally both teams should have the same number of people with ideally the same amount of skill at shooting quarters, makes the game more competitive. Also a team must have a batting order and they must stick to this batting order. There are nine innings and after the last inning the team with the most runs wins and the losing team have to finish all the beer in the glasses one more time.

A great game that is a lot of fun for everyone, it helps if you have experience with the game Quarters. All the glasses can vary in size, if you don’t want to drink a pitcher for the home run then change it to a smaller glass. This game is a lot of fun for large groups and can be played with nearly any amount of players. On a side note when finishing the beer in the cups you all can split it up how ever you see fit. If you are a light weight then have someone else on your team take more than you.

Hope you all like this gameâÂ?¦you can change rules as you see fit but I have found most rules are pretty standard and changing them doesn’t really ever improve the game.

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