Basics of an Ebay Seller Account

Creating a Seller Account

To become a seller on Ebay, you must first log into your account with your member name and private password. Then you need to click the sell tab, at the top of the Ebay home page.

After clicking the sell tab, you will be directed to an Ebay page that will provide you with some information on selling items on Ebay. You will see a button that says “Sell Your Item” near the top of this page, and you will need to click that button as the next step in becoming an Ebay seller.

After clicking the “Sell Your Item” button, you will be directed to a different page. Here you will be able to read a little bit more about becoming an Ebay seller, and this page will also briefly explain why your credit card information is essential in becoming an Ebay seller. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see a button that says “Create Seller’s Account”. After reading the information on this page, click that button.

Now you have been directed to a page where your credit/debit card information is requested. Enter the information in the appropriate places and click continue. You will receive a validation email to the email address you used when you originally registered with Ebay. Click the link in the validation email, and you will be a registered Ebay seller.

How To Close Your Seller Account

Whether you want to permanently delete you Ebay seller account, or whether you want to merge two accounts and close one out, it can be done. We will take a look at both processes.

If you would like to merge two Ebay accounts, like yours and your spouse’s, you must first decide which account you would like to merge to the other. In other words, you must decide which Ebay member name you will keep, and which one will go. Once you make that decision, merging accounts is a simple as filling out the Account Merge Request form found on Ebay’s official website. Merging accounts can simplify keeping track of your Ebay activities.

If you wish to remove your Ebay account all together, that can be done as well. All you need to do to successfully close your seller account on Ebay is contact Ebay and ask them to remove your credit card/bank account information. Doing this will leave your account inactive. You may still be charged fees for any open subscriptions to Sellers Assistant or at any Ebay stores. Canceling these subscriptions to avoid these fees.

Member participation is important in the Ebay community, so if you cancel your account, be sure to address any issues that may have prompted you to do so. Also remember, once you close an Ebay account, you cannot reopen it.

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