Bathroom Toilet Purchasing Guide

Modern toilets are stylized to go with other products in the bathroom. This gives a organized look to your bath, where the faucets, accessories, and fixtures are harmonized in a complementary fashion and design.

There are several different variations on the toilet:
Shape: Elongated, or round bowl.
Height: Comfort height vs. Standard
Flush: Low gravity flush vs. power flush
And one and two piece models

Elongated bowls are generally more expensive the round ones. They’re usually used in larger bathrooms, where price and space are not an issue.
The elongated bowls are a little larger by about 2-3″. The additional length makes them comfier and a little more spacious. If your bath has the extra room, the additional comfort of the elongated bowl is definitely worth the extra money.

Compliant Toilets:
A lot of residential innovations are starting to follow A.D.A. compliant toilet models. The tank size is usually the same, but the bowl is a little taller by a couple of inches. The toilets are about the same height as a chair and make it easier to stand up and sit down. As a matter of fact they’re commonly called comfort height toilets. Two-piece models are usually cheaper, taller and have a more plain or common look. One-piece toilets cost more and have a lower profile and are more unobtrusive.

Trapway – A trapway is the tube that the water runs through. The larger and better designed trapway, the less clogs you will have. Glazed trapways also prevent smoother flow and will clog up less on you.
Skirting – Enclose the trapway with skirting, a smooth covering makes it easier to clean and looks better. It is also known as a concealed trap.
Round Bowl – The traditional rounded bowl, a rounded bowl is more ergonomic for smaller bathrooms that don’t have whole lot of space.
Elongated Bowl – Elongated bowls have an oval design and elongated front rim to give utmost comfortableness, and extra style.
Flush Valve – The flush valve is located inside the tank and is triggered when you flush the toilet handle and expels the water in the tank. A bigger flush valve gives you a better flow rate, has a more appealing flush and takes less time to re-fill.
Pressure Flush System – An air tank aids the toilet’s purging process. This is a sort of power flush but can cost more money and is louder.
Gravity Flush system – Gravity flush systems use the gravity of the water to give the flushing force. This tried and true design is simple, less noisy, and requires less upkeep than other complex flushing arrangements.
Modern toilets use a maximum 1.6 gal. /flush. Producers have conventionalized bowls, flushing mechanisms, and trapways to assure a proper flush.
Pressure assisted toilet – Gravity flush toilets use gravity for flushing. The pressure assisted type use water pressure from the plumbing to make a stronger flush.

Assess your spatial needs and choose a design that fits your space and lifestyle prior to making a decision. Toilets come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. I hope this guide will assist you in your future purchases.

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