Battery Operated Lights Can Save the Day

Have you ever stumbled down a dark hallway clinging to the wall or carried a flashlight into an unlighted pantry? If your lease won’t allow electrical changes, or electricians are not in your budget, battery operated lighting is a viable solution for dark spaces. I bought push-on lights for my closets, but found during my search that some battery operated lighting is very decorative, and once installed, looks exactly like electric lighting. One beauty of these lights is that they require no expertise and very few, if any, tools. My push-on lights came with self-adhesive backing, so all I had to do was put in the batteries, stick them up and I was done. There are several types of battery operated lighting, with many styles and sizes to choose from. With such a large choice, you can find just the right one for your needs.

Stick-On Tap Lights

Stick-on lights are the simplest to install, and come in a variety of sizes. Smaller stick-ons usually come in multi-packs, and are wonderful for use as night lights. Most stick-ons are “tap lights,” meaning you push them to turn them on and off. Even small children can learn to use these safely, and they can be placed at heights to suit all ages.

I had a couple of 3-inch stick-on lights in each of my closets to illuminate the corners that were tucked behind the wall, where light didn’t reach. I also had one right inside my attic, so I didn’t have to grasp around trying to find the light string switch.

Wall-Mounted Sconces

These decorative battery-powered light fixtures come in a large variety of sizes and styles. They are easily mounted to the wall with a few screws and anchors, and look exactly like hard-wired light fixtures. Usually, there is a plate that is mounted onto the wall and the fixture itself slides in and out to enable easy battery changing.

The wall sconces cost a bit more than a regular electrical light fixture, but are easy to take down and carry with you if you move, and can be used in places where you want the look without having to cut into the wall and install wiring.

Battery Operated String Lights

I love string lights, because they are so nice for under cabinets and around the ceilings on porches. They give a nice, ambient glow without being too bright. The problem is that sometimes there isn’t a plug in close proximity, and the wire hanging down to a plug destroys the look. The battery operated strings are so convenient, because you can tuck the battery pack, which is usually two to four AA or AA batteries, right into the lights so it isn’t noticeable, and they can be hung anywhere you want, even if no outlet is nearby. Like all string lights, they come in different colors and sizes, even in rope lights.

Things to Consider

Batteries last longer in LED lights, since they use less power. The bulbs also burn brighter than incandescent lights. The downside is the higher cost of the lights themselves.

While rope lighting may seem easier to work with with a smoother stream of light, you can’t replace bulbs like you can in regular string lights. Hang large-bulb incandescent strings so the bulbs aren’t touching anything, since the bulbs generate more heat and could cause a fire.

While battery-powered lights aren’t perfect for every situation, and the cost of batteries can be high if they are in a place where they are used too often, they are still a viable alternative if nothing else exists. Just take your time and choose the best light for your personal needs.

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