Bayer Termite Control and Premise

Bayer Termite Control is one of the top three termite control companies in the world. It’s most widely known for it’s Premise termite control product that has proven itself to be very effective at eradicating termites and keeping them away. Termites have been known as a tough pest to control and can cause a large amount of damage without proper treatment.

Premise is a chemical developed by Bayer that has been shown to be capable of killing termites with just one application and then controlling future infestations with regular annual applications. Extensive research was conducted by Bayer Termite Control on the effectiveness of Premise over a seven year period and the results indicated that Premise termite control performed substantially better than other competitor’s products that were on the market.

Bayer Termite Control has quickly become one of the most trusted companies in the termite control industry because of this exhaustive research and their unquestionable confidence that their product works. In fact, they offer the leading guarantee in the industry so that it’s customers can also be confident that their product works and is effective in stopping termites.

As part of their guarantee Bayer Termite Control has stated that if at any time during seven years after the initial application of Premise if Premise fails to stop termites Bayer will guarantee reimbursement of up to one hundred percent of costs for re-treatment, including labor and materials costs. For residential accounts up to $1,000 and for commercial accounts up to $5,000.

There is a requirement, however, that the company that initially applied the Premise treatment carry out yearly inspections. If all conditions are met Bayer Termite Control also guarantees to pay the insurance deductible for the termite damage up to $500 per structure.

With guarantees like these you know that Bayer Termite Control is extremely confident about it’s Premise termite control product. If you use Bayer Termite Control you can feel comfortable that any termite problems you may have will be taken care of quickly and you can be pretty sure that the termites will not be coming back.

Your home is your largest investment and you do not want it ruined by termites. Termites feed on wood non-stop, twenty-four hours a day and can do a lot of damage in a rather short amount of time if left unchecked. Bayer Termite Control will help keep your home safe.

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