Be Positive and You’ll Find Your Mr. Right!

Finding Mr. Right implies that he was lost, so maybe he was, or maybe you just weren’t there. A man is not easily defined by what he looks like, and sometimes we fall in love with the idea of someone rather than the essence of him. Finding the right person is the most difficult thing a person must suffer through in their lifetime. Only because there is the possibility that it’ll take a lifetime to find them.
Love, however, has a tendency to grab a hold of us when we least expect it, and that is why we are so easy to push it away. That is when we realize that it was love, after it has already passed us by.

Unfortunately, he might have been Mr. Right at the wrong time, or not Mr. Right at all. Naturally we will sulk and wait around for love again, hoping that all the Mr. Right Nows may turn into Mr. Right Forever.
Sometimes Mr. Right is always there, as was mine. There to help put your broken heart back together after all the Mr. Right Nows leave it in pieces. Sometimes it’s not really about Mr. Right but about YOU, Miss Wrong. Paying no attention to his affection, sure that it was just a friendly gesture, making yourself believe that he is that sweet to every woman in his life. Yes! That’s the way you do it!

Then Mr. Right sees you, potential Mrs. Right, as just Miss Right Now, and that is when the tables’ turn and Mr. Right is now Mr. Wrong. All is fair in love and war, and that is precisely what finding Mr. Right has become. Because you have all the potential Mrs. Rights after the same Mr. Right, and you are just another candidate and all hope begins to diminish.

Yet, if we acted more like Miss Right, the Mr. Rights will flock to us. I gave up Mr. Right when I saw that he was better off with Miss Right Now, and once I became Miss Right, Mr. Right has been after me since. Now, he is nothing but the Mr. Right of the present, for somebody else, because while I waited for Mr. Right Now to become Mr. Right, I found a real Mr. Right, and became his Mrs. Right.
Finding the right person forever seems a little iffy, but it is not something that should be taken lightly, because true love can last a lifetime, but you don’t want to wait a lifetime to get there. It is better to love for a moment, just a simple moment in time, with Mr. Right by your side. Finding Mr. Right?? No, Mr. Right found me.

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