Beautiful Candytufts

Have you ever seen flowers perfect to the point of questioning whether or not they were real? Candytufts are annual flowers that fall into this category of perfection. Candytuft flowers are a fabulous addition to any flowerbed or garden because these annual flowers are absolutely beautiful. Candytufts are very appropriately named. Candytufts are flowers that look like nonpareils on candies that are too pretty to eat. If you want annual flowers that will sweep onlookers off their feet, candytufts are the flowers you’ve been searching for. Plant candytufts in your flowerbed or garden and you’ll have a bed full of brightly colored flowers that will take your breath away and leave you speechless.

Description of Candytufts

Candytufts have a mound of blooms atop each sturdy stem. Each candytuft bloom consists of numerous small flowers that form a circle, and the flowers become smaller toward the center. Candytufts are available in pure white, purple, and varying shades of pink and mauve, and this amazing annual flower generally reaches a maximum height of about sixteen inches. Candytufts are an example of pure perfection and beauty, and they are simply stunning.

Locations for Candytufts

Candytufts are very hardy annual flowers that grow well in many locations, but candytufts require good soil that drains well since their roots are prone to rotting. Candytufts also need plenty of sunshine.

Consider growing candytufts as a beautiful border for a garden or yard or in a cutting garden. If you live in a location with limited yard space, consider growing candytufts in a flower pot or container. Candytufts will make a dramatic statement wherever you plant them.

Planting and Growing Candytufts

Improve your soil by mixing it with compost or other organic material a few weeks before planting candytufts. Candytufts also grow best in acidic soil. Approximately one week before planting candytufts, raise the acid content in the soil by mixing in about 3 �½ ounces of lime for every square yard of dirt.

Candytufts don’t do well when transplanted, so if you plant these annuals by seed, make sure you plant them in a desired location. In cold climates candytufts can be planted in spring, and in hot climates candytufts can be planted in the fall. Space candytufts about eight inches apart for the best overall appearance.

While candytufts are very small, water them regularly, and once candytufts are well-established they should be watered about once a week and more often when conditions are exceptionally hot, dry, or windy.

To help your candytufts develop the healthiest foliage and blooms possible, apply a coarse-grained or water soluble fertilizer once a month. Follow product label instructions for best results.

Uses for Candytufts

Candytufts are favorite flowers of florists because they are exceptional cut flowers. Candytufts are long-lasting when placed in a vase, and they are exquisitely beautiful in bouquets and flower arrangements.

Consider growing candytufts in your yard or garden and you will have beautiful annual flowers that you can cut and bring inside. Candytufts are definitely a fantastic choice if you want a beautiful annual flower that will capture attention and bring beauty and color to your home.

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