Become an Ordained Minister Online

Have you ever wondered how so many people are able to perform wedding and other religious ceremonies? How is it that so many are ordained ministers and yet they don’t have a church of their own? It’s easy, they were ordained online.

There are several sites that offer ordination by email or snail mail for no cost or a minimal fee. This ordination is legal in all states except Utah and North Carolina. Checking with your county clerk to find out if you need to fill out any forms registering yourself as an ordained minister in your state. Some states have more stringent regulations than others, be sure you are legal to perform ceremonies in your state.

Universal Life Church appears to be the most popular choice of many ordained ministers. This is a non-denominational church, though it does lean toward basic Christian beliefs. You simply fill out an online form and within twenty four hours you will have confirmation in your email of your ordination.

Most become ordained in order to perform marriage ceremonies but few actually know what the marriage laws in their state require of the minister. Universal Life Church actually posts the laws for every state on their website.

Once you become an ordained minister you may actually be interested in learning how to perform certain tasks such as baptisms, funerals or even starting your own congregation. Universal Life Church offers teachings on all of these topics without charge. They also have a ministry product store that offers certificates, books and other items related to your ordination for a small fee.

Spiritual Humanism is another fairly popular choice. This site is based more on the new age ideals of spiritualism versus traditional beliefs as is endorsed by Universal Life Church. This site offers suggestions and ideas on meditation, learned optimism, solstice and equinox, scientific method, continual improvement and growth as a way to practice and live. Spiritual Humanism will also send you confirmation via email but if you want a certificate of ordination you will need to purchase that. The basic package includes a certificate, ID card and three certificates for various ceremonies for $14.95 USD. You can find more information or become ordained from their website.

There are various other churches online that offer ordination including one for Reiki practitioners. Do a search on any search engine and you will find many sites that offer ordination. Read carefully as some require a fee and while most are minimul some can be as high as $150.00 USD.

Once you are ordained and you take care of any needed paperwork in your state you can begin your own congregation or simply perform marriage ceremonies. Many who become ordained online offer same sex ceremonies as well. Remind the couple that while you may be open to the ceremony, many states will not recognize it as a legal and binding marriage.
There are many places online you can list your information as an ordained minister. Some are free others charge a fee. A good place to start advertising without cost is and various forums.

Always remember that you are dealing with the most important day of somebody’s life, be respectful and do everything you can to make the day perfect. The better you do, the more calls you will get to perform ceremonies for others.

An ordained minister can and usually does charge a fee for their services. Ask around your area and find out what the average cost for any given ceremony might be. Do not overcharge as ministers are a dime a dozen. A good rate, a good ceremony and you will find yourself turning down business.

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