Belly Tattoos, Weight Gain and Pregnancy

When getting a belly tattoo, you should be aware that body changes may also result in the appearance of your tattoo. If you gain weight or become pregnant, your tattoo may be come unrecognizable, even to you. Before you place a tattoo on your belly area, ask yourself whether you plan to have children in the future or whether you think you’ll ever gain weight. You would be surprised by how much a tattoo can change.

A sudden weight gain or pregnancy can result in stretch marks. These ugly, white and pink lines, can reek havoc with the appearance of your tattoo. A tattoo that has been changed by stretch marks is possible to repair, however, it depends on your deep the stretch marks are.

Light colored stretch marks may be easily disguised compared to the deep, dark purplish colored ones. There is not much that can be done to repair these. The best thing to do if you’ve damaged your tattoo with stretch marks is to visit your professional tattoo artist and have them evaluate your situation. Many artists are experts at disguising flaws and repairing damage.

Another thing to consider when placing your tattoo on your belly area, especially on the lower abdomen, is what will your tattoo look like if you have to have a c-section when delivering your child. Many pregnancies end in a c-section and the scarring is there to stay.

If you are pregnant and considering a tattoo, you may be out of luck. Most tattoo shops will not tattoo a pregnant woman for the safety of the unborn child. It is possible that if you do get an infection from the tattoo, the infection could be passed along to your unborn child.

The risk is not worth it. You’re best to wait until the baby is born. As with pregnancy, if you are breastfeeding, you should also wait until the baby is weaned so not to pass any possible infection along.

Tattoos are a wonderful form of artistic expression, however, you need to be aware of the changes to your body when getting one. If you are heavy and lose weight, your tattoo may be changed in appearance, as well.

Take care in where you place your tattoo. Think about how any sudden weight loss or weight gain damage it and how you may be able to get it repaired. You may need change your mind in where you have the tattoo placed.

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