Benefits & Risks of Liposuction

Although the obesity rate in the United States has never been higher, we are living in an era that is obsessed with weight loss and perfect figures. Health and fitness have become cornerstones of this decade, and “miracle” weight loss programs are sold to thousands of customers each month. In addition to fad diets and dangerous eating disorders, many Americans are turning to liposuction for quick fixes.

Liposuction is often advertised as a cure for obesity and severe weight gain, but it is largely a cosmetic and localized procedure. The people most likely to benefit from liposuction are those who maintain a basically normal weight, but are plagued by pockets or small bulges of fatty tissue. Liposuction is commonly used to reduce fat bulges in the chin, arms, buttocks, abdomen and legs, but it is not considered a safe procedure to counteract obesity.


The good thing about liposuction is that very few people suffer serious side effects. Depending on the extent of the surgery, some patients may experience no negative reactions to the treatment, and may achieve the results that they hoped for. Liposuction often succeeds in minimizing or eliminating fatty pockets in concentrated areas of the body, and has even worked for obese individuals looking to drastically reduce the fat percentage in their bodies.

The most common experience for successful liposuction patients has been the removal of fat that simply could not be lost through diet and excercise. Because of varying body chemistries, some people have extreme difficulty in ridding their bodies of unslightly fat pockets, and require surgery to remove them. For such localized procedures, liposuction is largely beneficial.

There are also mental benefits that can be experienced. Individuals who have spent their entire lives trying to earn the figure that they desire may eventually turn to liposuction. A desire to lose weight can be painful and traumatic for some people, and to have a readily available remedy can boost self esteem and make people feel better about themselves. Sexual and social inhibitions can be relieved, and it can present real benefits for those who have hid behind their low opinions of their physical bodies.


No surgical procedure is without risks, and liposuction is not an exception to this rule. Complications occur everyday for liposuction patients, and some suffer long-term problems that cannot be cured.

First of all, liposuction is not governed by a political or social body. Medical offices are not required to publish complications resulting from liposuction, and many negative outcomes may go untold. Because liposuction is considered to be largely cosmetic, rather than health related – it is not closely watched by the FDA, and it is not a large concern of consumer advocates. Anyone considering liposuction should carefully research the negative risks that might present themselves during or after surgery.

It is also true that liposuction can have immediate, temporary results. Because of body type, certain individuals are not supposed to have perfectly sculpted bodies, and the body itself will inevitably return to its natural form. Liposuction is not cheap, and is rarely covered by insurance, so people interested in liposuction should be aware that the effects do not always last.

Liposuction has benefits and risks that must be weighed according to individual needs. For some people, liposuction can be a positive change that will help improve quality of life and self esteem. On the other hand, serious health complications can arise, and those must also be taken into consideration.

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