Benefits and Set Backs of a GPS System

The Global Positioning System, which is commonly known as a GPS system, is a satellite navigation system. The GPS system uses 24 satellites in each of the Earth’s time zones in order to determine a precise location on Earth including longitude, latitude, and altitude. It has many different uses include navigation, surveying, and map making. The system was first developed by the US Department of Defense for a branch of the Air Force. The Department of Defense still maintains the cost of the system while allowing the general public to make use of the GPS system for free.

One of the benefits of a GPS system is that it can be used in any kind of weather. Other satellite systems sometimes do not work properly on cloudy days or when it is raining. The GPS system does not have this problem. No matter what the weather conditions are outside, the GPS system will function properly, indicating your position or other information that you use the GPS system for. Another benefit of a GPS system is that it helps you to navigate on trips. You can enter in your destination and the GPS system can assist you in getting from where you are to where you are intending to go. This can help to save and money on gas that would otherwise have been spent if you had gotten lost and were forced to find your way.

With most kinds of GPS system, there is no monthly fee assessed with use of the system. This increases the benefits of the using a GPS system, considering the usage the system provides. Just by paying for the cost of the equipment, you have a navigation system that can be used anywhere, anytime. If you are lost, or just need to know your position for reference, you can find out this information by using the GPS system.

Some models of GPS system can only be mounted in the inside of a car. This loss of portability is one of the set backs of using a GPS system. Another set back of a GPS system is that when it is used in a vehicle it can make you a target for theft. It can be a terrible feeling walking up to your car in the parking garage after work only to find that the window has been smashed and your GPS system and other items have been stolen. After all the trouble that you go through to get the window fixed, you might find that it is not worth it to have a GPS system.

The GPS system provides many benefits to its user. There are also set backs associated with use of the system. It is important to be familiar with all the good things as well as the bad things about the GPS system, so that you know how to prepare yourself should any of the setback occur. Knowing the setbacks can also help you to be proactive and prevent them from happening and thereby saving yourself time and money.

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