Best Asian Restaurants in Owings Mills, Maryland

Whether you have a craving for sushi or a serious hankering for lo mien, there are a number of options in the area that will satisfy you. Here’s just a sample of the best Asian restaurants in Owings Mills.

Edo Sushi II.

This year, Edo Sushi was named the number one sushi restaurant by readers of Baltimore Magazine. Visit this restaurant just once, and you’ll see why. Nestled in the Garrison Forest Plaza by the Safeway, Edo Sushi II welcomes visitors into a cozy and intimate dining experience. Quiet enough that you can have a normal conversation with your dining companions, the service is excellent. Our waitress not only greets us with a smile, but remembers what we ordered to drink last time. This kind of personalized service is not to be scoffed at, and would rank Edo Sushi II highly, even if their food were not so amazing. But ultimately, it’s about the sushi. Never fishy, always the exact right texture and temperature, Edo Sushi’s fare is second to none. It has convinced more than a few supposed sushi-haters to rethink raw fish. And for those who aren’t ready to walk on the wild side, there are tame options ranging from delicious chicken teriyaki to tempura. Though somewhat pricey, Edo’s food is always served in an elaborate manner, on beautiful dishes with carefully prepared garnish. You can’t feel bad when you get the bill, and it’s somewhere you would be proud to take friends and family.

Fortune China.
The peacefully divided formal dining room in Fortune China is strangely at odds with the hustle and bustle of their kitchen. You know from the moment you enter Fortune China that the staff is working hard. Even so, once you’ve been ushered into a plush seat, the atmosphere and acoustics are immediately relaxing. Less austere than Edo Sushi II, and more eclectic, Fortune China strives to be a Pan-Asian restaurant. Their large menu offers dishes from China, Japan, Mongolia and Thailand. My favorite dish at Fortune China is their special, House Chow Fan, which features meats and vegetables served over wide rice noodles in a lightly spiced sauce. But sometimes, my friends and I like to experiment with more exotic fare. It took us a few tries to convince the waiter that we really did want to try an old country-style dish called “Romantic Squid”, and we were not disappointed with the taste. Delicate rounds of calamari, dusted in flour and salmon roe, deep fried, and served with diced peppers and onions. If you have an adventurous side, give Fortune China a try. Every dish is carefully prepared, and well-worth the price. The restaurant is on Lakeside Boulevard, right next to the Food Lion. Also, Fortune China delivers, so it could become an addiction.

Thai Orient.
It’s good to have a little taste of Thai in your own backyard. You’ll find Thai Orient in the Valley Centre Plaza near the Staples store. The restaurant is clean and well-decorated. The wait staff is attentive. The food is hit or miss. What Thai Orient does well (Chicken Panang & Drunk Noodles), it does well. But some dishes are nothing to write home about and my husband complains of an over-reliance on egg-plant as a vegetable offering. The fact that Thai Orient can’t make a decent fried rice seems pretty odd, when they can whip together much more exotic combinations. The prices are reasonable, and the appetizers are delicious. But leave room for desert. The sticky-rice with mango is not to be missed.

Whether it’s Pad Thai or pan fried dumplings, the best Asian restaurants in Owings Mills have you covered. So pull out the chop-sticks and get down to business.

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