Best Bars in Philadelphia

When you first to come to Philadelphia, the first thing you will notice is its rich and diverse culture. From the Italian market where you can sample everything Italian to Little China town where many of the cities Asian population go for a taste of home. But there is still nothing more exciting than Philadelphia’s Nightlife Scene. From Irish Pubs, to posh dance clubs, Philly offers a place for every person. Keep reading and you will find the perfect place for you and your crew.

Now if you are into the Bar scene and you want a place were you can sit back sip a few bars, watch the game., listen to good music or just laugh it up with your friends these are the places you should visit.

The Bishops Collar Bar
2349 Fairmount Ave

The Bishops Collar Bar is famous for its delicious Bloody Mary and it’s near excessive amount of TV screens. The Bishops collar offers traditional Irish DÃ?©cor and attitude. And is one of the premier happy hour spots in Philadelphia. This is a nice little neighborhood bar, popular with a 20’s to 30’s crowd, though you also see older neighborhood regulars there. Tap brews include local brands (Victory, Stoudt, and Yuengling) with some national crafts (Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Anchor). Other beers include Guinness, Harp, Heineken, Yards, Woodchuck, Hoegaarden, John Courage, Bass, and New Castle. The bartenders are friendly. The bar is located in the Fairmount/Art Museum area, an historic neighborhood just outside the heart of Center City near the Philadelphia Art Museum. The neighborhood has its share of quiet, neighborhood restaurants and bars that are all within walking distance from The Bishop’s Collar (including Brigid’s, just up the street, and London and Rembrandt’s a block away). And, if you were wondering, the “Bishop’s Collar” is an expression used for a perfectly poured pint of Guinness: When poured correctly it brings to mind a Bishops’ Roman collar.

Independence Brew Pub
1150 Filbert Street
215- 922-4292

As you walk in this place feels tremendously vast and then almost simultaneously it strikes you as incredibly upscale. T-shirt, shorts and sandals felt awkwardly out of place walking the half mile from the door to the bar, but with a wink, a nod and a tug on the beer engine our bartender made all that melt away. The Independence is a Great chill bar that offers 4 pool tables, darts, good music selection on the jukebox and a large screen TV upstairs – great for happy hours/hanging out with friends, bonus that it can accommodate large groups! The bartenders are very speedy and knowledgeable/helpful in discerning between their small list of micro-brews (~5 beers).

Brigid’s Bar
726 N. 24th St

With more than 80 different bottles and a focus on Belgian beers and imports, Brigid’s attracts many different groups ranging from families to newlyweds. There menu is reasonably priced and the latest game is always on their TV. Add all of these together and in my opinion you have got a great place to sit back with your pals and enjoy the game, gripe about your job or just plain enjoy the rich and friendly atmosphere. All in all Brigid’s is a tiny, neighborhood establishment with little in the way of frills. But what it does have more than makes up for the crowded conditions. Tremendous Belgian selection as well as the first gravity tap that I have ever seen the food is very good considering the price.

The Bleu Martini
24 S 2nd St

The Bleu Martini is trendy Night club nestled in Old City that offers a trendy fusion menu and a seizable collection of wall-mounted sculpture. Blue lighting bathes the bar and nearby booths in an arctic glow, while loud funk and disco provide the siren call for heat-seeking patrons. I personally enjoyed the Bleu martini for its massive crowds and happy people. The place is small and cramped however for those of you who prefer a little more breathing room I wouldn’t recommend it. However if you enjoy being elbow to elbow with great drink and great food… You have to visit this very trendy establishment.

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