Best Buy Reward Zone Program

I think that when it comes to shopping, most people have their stores that they most often frequent. Mine are Target, Linens ‘N’ Things and Best Buy. I purchase most of my random household needs from Target, such as cleaning supplies and small appliances. At Linens ‘N’ Things, I buy bedsheets, flatware and sometimes decorative things, mostly because the store is right next to Target. And at Best Buy, I shop for movies, CD’s, computer accessories and other electronics.

Most stores have a promotional program every once in a while in which you are able to win free $10 gifts if you spend a certain amount of money. Best Buy is no different, as they have just launched the Reward Zone program, but this consumer reward system is better than any I’ve ever seen. Here are some popular questions about the program so that you can decide if it would benefit you or not.

1. What are Reward Zone points?

When you sign up for a Reward Zone membership, you begin accruing points with every purchase you make at Best Buy stores and at Every dollar you spend earns 100 Reward Zone points, and once you’ve accumulated enough, you can redeem your points for Best Buy gift certificates.

2. Who can join?

Anyone who shops at Best Buy can join! You have to be thirteen years of age and live in the United States, but other than that there are no qualifying factors. There’s a membership fee of $9.99, however, so it’s best that you don’t join the Reward Zone unless you spend at least $10.00 at Best Buy stores every year.

3. How many points do you have to earn in order to get a gift certificate?

When you earn 15,000 points (that’s buying $150 worth of merchandise) you get a $5.00 gift certificate. You can either redeem your points when you reach 15,0000, or keep collecting them to receive more gift certificates at one time.

4. Is the Reward Zone card a credit card?

No. Best Buy has a credit card that they offer, but it is completely separate from Reward Zone. For one thing, customers under the age of 18 can participate in Reward Zone. Also, you don’t actually use the Reward Zone card to pay for purchases. The card is simply your proof of membership, which you show at the time that you purchase merchandise so that the points can be put in the system.

5. Do online purchases count toward points?

Yes. When you make a purchase at, you can just type in your Reward Zone membership number when it prompts you. That way you can be sure to earn your points. If you forget, however, you can always log on to and click on the link that says “reclaim points”. They’ll ask you to key in your transaction or receipt number for your purchase, and the points you missed will be automatically credited to your account.

However, you cannot sign up for Reward Zone online, and you can’t redeem your gift certificates except in the store.

6. What can I buy with my gift certificates?

You can purchase anything at a Best Buy store that costs more than $10.00. Merchandise under $10.00 is not available for gift certificate purchases. Currently, Best Buy doesn’t allow you to redeem your certificates online, but they may be changing this in the near future. Originally, when Best Buy first started the Reward Zone program in 2004, you couldn’t earn points from online purchases, either. They are consistently making the offer better and better.

7. How do I sign up?

Just go to your local Best Buy store and ask for a Reward Zone membership application. You’ll have to pay your $9.99 yearly membership fee before they’ll issue you a card, but the fee can be refunded if you change your mind within thirty days. For more information, visit or call their toll free number: 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289).

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