Best Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

When you consider the best home business ideas, you should keep in mind what you are good at. Nowhere is this more important than in the field of home renovation. More and more people are hiring home renovation services to upgrade their homes instead of buying a new home. If you are good at carpentry and other home renovation tasks, this is a home-based business idea you may want to consider.

Starting Up

Starting a home renovation service will require an initial investment in tools. It’s not likely that your clients will have the array of saws, painting supplies and other items you will need to do a proper home renovation job. Of course you will include the price of lumber, paint and other disposable items in your billing. But there are certain tools, etc. that you will need to purchase yourself and use from job to job.

Transportation and Space

You will also have to consider transportation. At a minimum, you will have to consider a pick-up truck or van to move your supplies from job to job. Lumber and hardware suppliers will ship their products right to the job site, but when it comes to things like your favorite table saw, or an air compressor, you will need to move it yourself.

Home renovation is a good home business idea because you can keep your supplies in your garage or basement until needed. However there will be times when you may want to rent space to keep some of your bigger items.

Hiring Help

Manpower is also an issue when considering home renovation as a home business opportunity. You will not always be able to complete a job by yourself, unless it’s something small like a single-room wallpaper job, or tiling a small bathroom. You will have to have access to other people who are “handy”, and you’ll have to pay those people in a timely fashion, whether or not the client has paid you ahead of time.


Home renovation is a home business idea that is ripe for specialization. Your business can concentrate on just bathrooms, for example, or just exterior painting. If you are comfortable with electrical tasks, stick to wiring jobs. If you like flooring, you may want to only take jobs that involve tiling kitchen floors.

You can also go in a different direction and purchase homes, renovation them, then sell them for more than you bought them. But this requires muchomh more capital, as well as time and materials.

Office Space

Home renovation involves a lot of paperwork, including price quotes, building permits, tax information and other complicated and important information. You will definitely require space in your home for an office to keep this information filed in an organized fashion.

The best home business ideas and opportunities reflect your interests. That is why home renovation is a great idea for a home-based business if you are handy with a hammer.

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