Best Pet Hair Vacuum: Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Vacuum Review

The Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Vacuum is the best pet hair vacuum I have used in a long time. Seems like vacuums are so cheap today that they simply break or clog after a few uses. I have 2 cats and live in a small condo. I found the results the Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Vacuum give me were way above average, in fact, the best cat hair and pet hair vacuum I have used to date!

Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Vacuum Every Day Use

Like May vacuums you simply plug this one in the wall and go. Some of the interesting features I noticed is that the brush roller will not roll unless you step on the release pedal that keeps the vacuum standing up straight. That is fine since most people I know do not vacuum in a perfect upright position.

I find that I keep letting it slip back into straight upright while I am moving the cord, which is annoying. I think it has something to do with the weight.

To empty the canister all you do is pull a trigger! I love that feature. It is easy to take out, dump the cat hair, and slide back in. No bags needed

Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Vacuum Maneuvering

Ok, I find this vacuum to be a little heavy. I need to tell you though that I have been using one o hose really light floor sweepers for a while though. The floor sweeper I have is also cordless, so it was little annoying to get used to the cord again. I vacuumed it up a number of times.

Overall, if you have a flat surface and are not vacuuming stairs you are going to like this pet hair vacuum. If you are trying to vacuum the steps, it is bulky, hard to hold onto and somewhat heavy.

On a lighter note, there is a nice handle in the front of the vacuum, at just the right height for trying to pick it up!

Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Cost

You can buy the Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Pet Hair Vacuum at Bed Bath and Beyond for $600. You can use their 20 percent off coupon to help a little. Another tip is to look for last year’s model. You can get it for half the price and save a ton of money!

Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 Overall

Overall, I love this Dyson Animal the Ball DC15 vacuum for the sheer force with which it sucks out the pet hair form my rug! It really works, so I can live with the heavy weight of the vacuum! It is a bit pricey, but if you have pets, it is well worth it.

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