Best Place to Take Gymnastics in Peoria AZ

There are many gymnastic places in the Phoenix valley. I have done the trial classes and even enrolled my child at some of the gyms and have found many that are not so great. One main thing that I looked for is to find one that is safe for my child. One with experienced teachers that really are trained well and know exactly what they are doing when they teach and instruct the children. I have found many of the gyms across the valley have teenagers themselves teaching the children. I do not agree with this.

The best place I have found in the valley is Oasis Gymnastics and Sports Center. They are located in North Peoria, AZ. The address is 8643 W Kelton Ln Ste 110 Peoria, AZ 85382. They were formally Arizona Aerials Gymnastics and recently changed their name. They have been in the valley for years. They use to be located off of Grand Ave and then moved to this new location about 5 years ago.

The instructors are great with the children. They have classes for all ages from beginners to experts. They have regular classes and competition teams to choose from. Some of the instructors for the very small children are young yet they are trained well. The instructors for the older children are experts and trained very well on how to teach the children. The gym is safe and clean and very well maintained. They have a sitting area for the parents with windows so you can see your child at all times while they are in the gym.

The children absolutely love going there and they make sure it is a lot of fun. They are very active and they get a work out when they are at class. They are positive with the children and encourage them to do things instead of being negative with them.

The prices of the classes are fair in my opinion. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for when it comes to gymnastics. There are places you can take gymnastics for much cheaper such as the YMCA and through the city but the quality of class and instruction is not comparable. This gym is worth the money because the children learn well and in a safe, clean, great environment. Once your child is older and if they do go to several classes it can get to be quite expensive. If your child does competition teams then it is really expensive as well.

This gym has a yearly performance when the children get to do a routine and show the parents and families all that they have learned for the year. Each child is recognized for its achievements. You can also plan to have your child’s birthday party at the gym, which is fun and filled with activities for the children and all their friends.

I would recommend this gym to take gymnastic classes at. It is a great gym. The owners and staff are all nice and welcoming and very helpful. Taking gymnastics is a great way to exercise and is a great experience for children. Check them out!

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