Best Places to Skydive in Central Kentucky

The wind in your face, nothing but sky surrounding you, and the adrenaline rush of falling through the air from over 3000 feet. Sound interesting? Well, if you have ever longed to skydive or freefall, central Kentucky has several great establishments to help you fulfill this dream.

Nestled in historic Bardstown, Kentucky, Greene Co. Sport Parachute Center offers classes for beginners and professional jumpers alike. They have been in business since 1969 and all of their instructors have current certifications with the USPA (United States Parachute Association). Greene recommends tandem jumps for 1st timers as a way to introduce them to the sport. This type of jump only requires a few minutes of prep time on the ground. Prices for a tandem jump start at $175.00. For those with a little experience under their belts, there are staticline jumps where the student is attached to an experienced skydiver via a staticline and Freefall skydives. Of course there are requirements for the more advanced jumps and prices for freefalls are as much as $350.00. There are height and weight restrictions to consider and Greene Co. offers group discounts so visit them on the web at or call them at (270) 723-3587. They are located at 215 Airport Road in Bardstown, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Skydiving Center in Frankfort, Kentucky is just a short drive from Lexington and offers tandem skydiving from $169.00. They also have options for staticline and freefall jumps for the more experienced jumpers. The Kentucky Skydiving Center boasts state of the art equipment and offers photography deals for those who want to capture the moment either in still pictures or video. Their prices actually drop as the skydiver becomes more experienced. The center also has special events throughout the year and advertises special discounts periodically. If you are interested in making a reservation, you can sign up on line through their web site at or you can contact them at (866) I-JUMP-KY or stop by their facilities at 76 Airport Road in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Adventure Skydiving is probably the least expensive with tandem jumps beginning at $165.00. Their rates for certified skydivers are also very reasonable. Adventure is located in Lexington, Kentucky and offers a class type experience for skydivers but individual training is available as well. Their video packages can be added to the price of your jump for an additional $85.00 to preserve your experience for years to come. Adventure seems to be more educational than the others, even offering a “debriefing” session to first time skydivers to that they can learn from their experiences. Their website is even educational and offers a glossary of skydiving terms. You can visit them on the web at or give them a call at (800) 516- JUMP. They have reservationists to assist you 7 days a week.

Regardless of where you choose to skydive in central Kentucky, make sure you check out your instructors licensing and track record. Skydiving can be a dangerous sport!

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