Best Places to Take a First Date in Portsmouth, NH

First impressions go a long way, and this isn’t more evident than on a first date. The way you present yourself, your conversation, and your demeanor can all lead to a good or bad date. However, one of the most important things you need to take into account is where you take your date. Boring and trashy places not only paint a poor portrait of yourself, but they also make your date lose interest quickly. One way to avoid this problem is to take your date out for a night in Portsmouth. Portsmouth has a wide array of bars, restaurants and stores that can be the basis for a great date.

If your date is open for walks and talking, then take her down the Prescott Park, located on the beautiful waterfront. Although this is only an available option during the warmer months, it’s a great place to see some gorgeous scenery and to get to know your date a little better. Not to mention it’s free and only minutes by walk from downtown Portsmouth. Add a little romance by bringing a picnic basket with wine and fruit and you’ll be well on your way to that elusive second date.

If a more typical date is your style, then the riverfront offers a number of easy places to go for a first date. You should start off at Poco’s, right on the water with outside dining. Have a few of their famous margaritas before deciding your next move. With over 10 different selections of tequila, Poco’s is a great place to start before heading out to more formal parts of the date. If you don’t quite feel like Mexican cocktails, then the Red Door just down the street from Poco’s has plenty of top shelf liquor and a great wine selection to go with over 20 different types of martinis. Have a few here and then either pick a restaurant or head towards the outskirts and hit up the Music Hall for a movie or show.

One of the best restaurants to go on a first date in all of New England is located right in the heart of Portsmouth. The locally renowned Victory restaurant is known for its intimate settings, candlelit tables, and a penchant for knowing who is on a first date. Let them know before hand that your going to be wining and dining someone for the first time, and they’ll make sure to provide you with the best service and detailed dining experience, all designed to help impress your date. Of course, don’t forget to tip them well, as their expertise is well worth it.

If you are looking for the traditional movie part of your date, then the Portsmouth Music Hall is perhaps the most unique place you’ll ever choose. The Music Hall not only offers rescreened classics like Top Gun and Animal House every week, but they also host a wide variety of performances including a stunning portrayal of Hamlet and live concerts by Bruce Hornsby and Babtundi Olatunji. Some of the musical performances are a bit pricey, but movies usually run around 5 dollars, which is a perfect way to end the night.

Hopefully you won’t need to utilize these great places too often, and use the charm of Portsmouth to win over that special someone.

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