Best Rated Mini Lathe 2013 — JET JML 1014VSI Review

This is a great variable speed mini-lathe that is made by a solid and respectable company called JET. The JET JML 1014VSI 10-inch by 14-inch Variable Speed Indexing Mini Lathe comes with a fan cooled/enclosed 1/2 horsepower engine that spins at 400-3,900 RPM, a 14-inch bed length, 10-inch swing, quick release levers, live center, and 2-inch RAM capacity. It also includes a 6″ tool rest, 3-inch face plate, tooling knockout, spur center, and goggles for safety.

Just keep in mind that with a mini-lathe like this, you won’t be able to take on the really big projects. Be aware of the limitations due to its size, and you’ll do fine. Also, because it’s not a full size lathe, it’s within most peoples budgets. But don’t count it out just because it’s not a full-size model. You can accomplish a lot with it. From rough turning to finish polishing, it can be done with a mini-lathe.

Product Features:

  1. Full enclosed – fan cooled – 1/2 horsepower motor
  2. Variable speeds 400-3,900 RPM
  3. 14-inch bed
  4. 10-inch swing
  5. Quick release levers
  6. Live center
  7. 2-inch RAM capacity
  8. 6-inch tool rest, 3-inch face plate, tooling knockout and spur center
  9. Includes goggles
  10. 5-year warranty

Helpful Tips:

Don’t wear jewelry or loose clothing when operating a lathe. Also, it helps to have an assortment of lathe tools that will compliment your projects.

Final Analysis:


  1. Hums beautifully at high speeds – No vibration with this mini-lathe at all! Great balance!
  2. Headstock, tailstock, and centers line up 100 percent true
  3. Relatively quiet when running.
  4. The JET line of lathes is really top notch.
  5. Right out of the box you’ll be up and running within 30 minutes
  6. Variable speeds allow you to accomplish more.
  7. If there’s damage during shipping or your product is defective, Amazon will replace it free of charge.
  8. This item has a high resale value if you decide wood turning is not for you.
  9. Generous five-year warranty to keep you safe. JET stands behind their products 100 percent.


  1. Not a full size lathe so you’re kind of limited as to what you can accomplish with it.
  2. Weighs 80 pounds — if you’re small in stature, you might need a helper to get it set up.

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