Best Seafood Restaurants in Eugene, Oregon

Only an hour from the Oregon Coast, the growing city of Eugene has access to some of the freshest seafood on the West Coast. While many local restaurants feature seafood as a prominent part of their menus, there are a few establishments that specialize in serving up fresh, delicious seafood�

One of the busiest seafood proprietors in Eugene is Newman’s Fish Company. The folks at Newman’s are busy dressing and cooking seafood all day in the little shop at 15th and Willamette. This is a place where you can buy fresh fish to take home, wine, condiments and other imported speciality foods, as well as have a fine seafood meal wrapped in parchment paper. The location has a few outdoor tables at 1545 Willamette (Newman’s shares a parking lot with Triomphe, or what used to be the old L & L Market building) and folks order their food from a window opening onto the lot. The menu is limited and depends on availability, but the seafood is cooked fresh while you wait and served with a hearty helping of “chips” and plenty of lemon and condiments. Newman’s is a community favorite and the owners support various community events and organizations. Call Newman’s Fish Co. at 344-2371 for hours, fish in season and directions.

Another “market”-type establishment is the Fisherman’s Market down in the bustling Whiteaker neighborhood. Located at 830 W. 7th street, the Fisherman’s Market is open from 11-8pm, 7 days a week. This is another place where you can purchase fresh fish, but there is also plenty of seating indoors and out to settle down for lunch or dinner. The seafood is cooked fresh and served up with your choice of side salads and chips and you can order up a frosty beer to wash down the seafood. Check out the website at or call 484-2722 for more information.

If you’re hankering for a more “sit down” seafood experience, the place to go is McGrath’s Fish House near Valley River Mall. A nice, large restaurant serving lunch and dinner, McGrath’s has ample parking at 1036 Valley River Way. This establishment does a steady business and it’s proximity to the mall, the large Valley River Inn and the freeway make it a good choice for special occasions or meeting up with family and friends. McGrath’s can also accommodate large groups. For more information, call 342-6404 or check out the website at

Seafood and Oregon just seem to go together and Eugene is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a quick casual lunch of fresh fish and chips or something more formal, one of these local seafood purveyors will be just the ticket!

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