Best Vegan Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin

Again, with authenticity, Supreme Pizza in Madison, Wisonsin fits picture perfect with a vintage pizza parlor. There are old style tables and chairs, with classic pizza parlor glass candle holders on each table with checkered table cloths. Old ads from the 50’s and 60’s are framed on the wall, and there is even one with Marilyn Monroe. There are games in the dining area to quell boredom while waiting for your order or to add some extra fun to your night. It’s an extremely relaxed atmosphere. You can dine in, carry out, or get delivery.

This last time I ordered from Supreme in Madison, Wisonsin, my order was executed correctly and promptly, however, this is not always the case. I have been forgotten about, received wrong orders before, and have gotten my order exceptionally late. Albeit, Supreme is always more than willing to correct a mistake, and are definitely nice about it. Maybe we can even say it gives the place character? Besides, the vegan pizza alone makes up for any problems.

The vegan pizza consists of a thin, whole wheat crust, with thick, zesty tomato sauce that has staying power, and a broad selection of toppings: my absolute favorites being spinach and soysage (that’s right – they have vegan soy sausage!). The crust is great if you like thin crust pizza, and the sauce is a little sweet and a little peppery, with some fennel flavorings running throughout. The textures and flavors are basically a vegan-dream-come-true. The only thing I really missed after going vegan was good pizza, and now with Supreme, I don’t have to miss it anymore.

Admittedly, with the thinner crust and lack of serious fats, the vegan pizza isn’t as filling as a non-vegan one (or one with a super thick crust). However, getting a larger size or ordering more toppings (you get a free topping when you order a vegan pizza) can solve that if you’re willing to spend a little more money.

Supreme in Madison, Wisonsin also has a soysage sandwich and a selection of pasta dishes, which also are or can be made vegan. I have only tried the pizza, but I don’t doubt the others are good. You can also order a ball of vegan dough for $3.00 if you want to make anything at home, and it saves you the trouble of having to make your own dough.

The price range is reasonable for the quality, and all forms of payment are accepted.

912 E Johnson St
(608) 255-2200

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