Best Way to Get Kiwi Seeds into Your Diet

I love kiwi fruit, but not just for that sweet and tangy tropical green juice flesh. I love the fruit because of the seeds inside that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are beneficial to my health because they help prevent a wide variety of conditions that I commonly suffer from such as depression, joint pains within the hands and knees and asthma attacks. Not only are the seeds beneficial to the body’s overall health, but these tiny seeds can prevent signs of aging too so you can remain youthful and beautiful naturally.

What exactly are kiwi seeds?

Kiwi seeds come from kiwi fruits. Kiwi fruits are those oval golf ball sized fuzzy brown-skinned fruits you see in the produce section of your grocery store. They usually hang out with the tropical fruits such as bananas and star fruits. The inside of the kiwi fruit is fleshy green with a whitish soft edible core inside surrounded by tiny black edible seeds. The name of this fruit came from the small flightless kiwi bird that hops around in New Zealand, but many of you may also know the fruit to be called, “gooseberry,” but this is what the Chinese often call it. You can find this tropical fruit in almost all grocery stores in the produce section or growing in the wild in countries such as Italy, Chile, Greece, Japan, France, Portugal, New Zealand and Iran. I personally get my fruit from my local whole food organic grocery store because this is where I can always find them the freshest near me.

Extracting the Seeds from Kiwi Fruits

To get the health benefits from kiwi fruits it is easiest too just eat the kiwi fruits after removing the skins from them. Too easily remove the skins from the kiwi fruits, simply cut the kiwis in into halves and scoop the green slippery juicy flesh out with a spoon by going along the edges of the skin. After, eat the fruit right up to get the health benefits of the kiwi seeds into your body.

My personal favorite way of getting kiwi seeds into my body is by making kiwi fruit leathers. All I do is remove the skins from the kiwi fruits. Place the peeled kiwis into my smoothie machine with a teaspoon or two of canola oil and honey and puree the ingredients together. Sometimes I even toss in some citrus juice too to add some additional flavor. Next, I pour the pureed mixer onto a fruit leather dehydrator sheet and spread it out as evenly as possible so it dries fast and evenly. Then, I place the fruit leather sheet into my dehydrator for twelve to fifteen hours and dehydrator my pureed kiwi fruit until I get a large round kiwi fruit leather that I can cut up into pieces and store away in a container until I am ready to snack on them. The kiwi fruit leather looks very cool. It is greenish in color with black specks throughout. Those black specks are the nutrient dense omega 3 fatty acid seeds.

I find making and eating fruit leathers to be an excellent and tasty way of getting the most kiwi seeds into my diet. In addition, you have to chew the fruit leathers up well because they are chewy which allows your teeth to grind the seeds properly so you can truly get then nutrients out of them. I feel I get more nutrients out of the seeds by eating the kiwi fruits in this form, but you can choose how to get the kiwi seeds into your diet in whichever way you prefer such as a kiwi smoothie or fruit salad. It is just for me this is my favorite and best way to do so.

Health Benefits I have Noticed from Eating Kiwi Seeds

Since I have added kiwi seeds into my diet, the joint pains in my hands and knees have gone away slightly, but not completely. My asthma attacks seem to be further apart and when they do occur there mild and easily treatable with my inhaler or a cup of strong caffeinated green tea or coffee. In addition, my mood has been a bit more upbeat, but I think that is because the kiwi fruit itself reminds me of some place tropical when I eat them, although the omega fatty acids in the seeds could be helping ease my depression a bit too since omega fatty acids are excellent for treating depression naturally. Other improvements I have seen is my energy levels have boosted and I have lost some weight, and I look more youthful alive instead of drained and exhausted. However, the health benefits you may notice from eating kiwi seeds may be different from mine since everyone’s body responds differently to different foods when it comes to healing.

End Notes

All I have to say to end this wonderful bit of information I jut shared with you is that kiwi fruits are healthy to eat, but the seeds of the kiwis are very nutritious to eat also since they can supply a lovely dose of omega fatty acids to your daily diet.

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