Best and Worst Places to Live for Cheap in the College Station, TX Area

Meadows Point Apartments are located on 800 Marion Pugh in College Station, Texas. The complex is conveniently located on the shuttle route to Texas A&M, restaurants, fast-food joints, and a few nice parks. The complex includes a small variety of floor plans but they are spacious and inexpensive. Amenities offered are; Fitness center, pools, tennis, basketball, game room, computer room, laundry facilities, and much more. Many of the units come equipped with a full size microwave, fridge, stove/oven, and dishwasher. Some apartments even come fully furnished. The walls aren’t layered in paint, the carpet has very few stains, it smells nice and fresh, the bathrooms are amazing, and the ceilings fans work properly. Maintenance and customer service is absolutely amazing. The staff even has a “grace period” for late or overdue payments instead of charging a renter tons of fees. The outside is beautifully landscaped which makes it nice for an afternoon stroll or sitting by the pool side.

Some of the floor plans are a bit expensive but well worth it. College students or families can easily afford to live at Meadows Point and enjoy it. I rate this apartment complex 8 out of 10, because there are a few “bad” things about the complex but not much.

The Doux Chene Apartments are located on 2101 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South in College Station, Texas. The apartment complex offers six different floor plans and pricing options to choose from. The complex includes amenities such as swimming, basketball, tennis, cable television, and Internet for residents to enjoy. Nearby the complex is Wal-mart, Albertson’s Grocery store, tanning salon, nail and hair salon, gas station, Post Office, and a few fast food joints. Great location, prices, and close to necessary stores-sounds great, right? Definitely wrong.

The Doux Chene Apartments are also referred to as “The Douche Apartments” because of their unfriendly staff, poor maintenance, terrible service, and disgusting apartments. Most of the units are infested with insects. Who wants to wake up to spiders and roaches everywhere? The carpets are stained and smell of urine and the walls peel because of all the thick layers of paint. The ceiling fans are more likely to fly off and decapitate someone than actually cool off the room. Oh did I mention the toilets have mildew growing inside? I’m pretty sure something might jump out and bite you while sitting on the toilet. No matter how many buckets of bleach you poor in the bowl, it just never goes away. The doors don’t shut or lock properly either. Someone could easily break in or walk in on you naked.

So you might be only paying $500 a month for a spacious unit with free cable television and highspeed Internet, but what happens when you get infected with a deadly parasite? I still won’t go within 3 feet of my brother in fear of catching something he got while living at The Douche for 3 years.

I rank The Doux Chene Apartments a whipping 2 out of 10, because let’s face it – it might be a horrible complex but it’s better than nothing at all. However, I vote this the worst place to live in the Bryan/College Station area!

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