Best at Home Blood Pressure Monitors

A quick search of the internet leads to thousands of different blood pressure products, many of which are monitors. It is the consumer’s responsibility to sort through all of the blood pressures monitors available. With a little careful searching, and the use of this article, finding the monitor that is right for you and your situation doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When looking for the blood pressure monitor you need there are a variety of products on the market each typically having one thing they do best. The list below first describes a few of the questions associates with at home blood pressure monitors followed by the best monitors currently on the market, their features, and their average prices.


Home blood pressure monitoring units have improved greatly over the past several years. In the past, at-home units had lacked the accuracy that professional medical units provided. Recent studies have indicated home models have progressed greatly. Often, readings taken in medical settings are higher due to the tension patient’s experience, making at home monitors as accurate, and sometimes more accurate, then professional models.

Advantages of testing at home

Before considering an at-home testing solution, users often wonder just what advantages at home testing provides and whether it is worth the money. Testing at home gives users more control of our. For those out there who have problems with their blood pressure, at home testing and the “control” can be very important. Studies have shown that people who have at home testing have better blood pressure on average than those who only have their’s checked at the doctor’s office. Checking blood pressure levels more often allows greater control and leads to a healthier life.


Omron HEM-711 Blood Pressure Monitor

  • When buying a blood pressure monitor to use at home, buying from a popular name you know and trust. Omron products account for approximately 60% of all monitors purchased for home use. The Omron HEM-711 is one of Omron’s most popular models and offers all the features most home users need and want. One of the best and most unique features of the HEM-711 is called IntelliSense. This feature optimizes inflation and deflation for each unique user of the product. For ease of use, the monitor is fully inflatable and is very easy to use. In addition to providing blood pressure, the HEM-711 also provides a pulse readout. The model is also fully automatic for greater accuracy, features a large display for easier reading, and a five year warranty. The average price of this unit around $70.

Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • One alternative to the more bulky and expensive model is the lightweight MF-81 wrist monitor by Mark of Fitness. Although the model sacrifices a little accuracy due to it’s placement on the wrist, it makes up for it with its discounted price of about $35. The MF-81’s built in memory allows the user to save up to 60 readings. Meter displays both blood pressure and pulse on an easy to read screen. One touch operation allows unit to read blood pressure in up to half the time of other at home blood pressure meters.

Upon extensive research and reader reviews the two previously listed at home blood pressure meters are by far two of the top meters in this category. You can conduct your own research to verify these findings or to search for the newest, and possibly best model available on the market.

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