Best of 2007: Top Ten Television Shows

Here are my choices for the top ten television shows of 2007:

1. Private Practice, airing Wednesdays at 9 pm on ABC. This was a newcomer for the fall season, and perhaps the best new show this fall. The show is a take off from Grey’s Anatomy, with Addison leaving the show to start a new life in California. The show I think is going to be around for many seasons. What it offers for the viewer is the hope of making a fresh start after ending a marriage/relationship. It shows us that we can start over, no matter how bad things may have been in the past. Also, we see a chance at a new, healthier relationship between the main character Addison, and former Wings co-star Tim Daly who plays Pete Wilder. Much more excitement awaits, such as a potential relationship with the male mid-wife Dell (Chris Lowell) and Naomi (Audra McDonald), recently divorced fertility specialist whose exhusband also works at the Private Practice.

2. Lost. Okay, Lost has been pretty LOST lately, but there were episodes aired sometime back in early 2007. Of course, I can’t really recall when. The show may be the best show ever on television, in my opinion. It’s genius because it wasn’t just about doctors, or lawyers, or an office, but about making you guess, making you think, forcing you to search your soul for what the island is all about, and just plain right putting you on the edge of your seat in many episodes. We still really don’t know what to expect in Lost- the secret is still LOST. This show couldn’t make it to number one since it’s been on hold for new episodes, and the fact that in a season or two, we’re going to have to find out all the secrets. Don’t you think?

3. Samantha Who? The next two awesome television shows from 2007 are both comedies. Samantha Who? made the list because it’s really funny. Just when you think there’s nothing else that could have affected her memory, the writers come up with something else that will have you rolling on the floor. I think the show is classic and original, and Christina Applegate plays Samantha with sheer genius. She’s perfect for the role.

4. The Office. People like the office because it really does personify what life in a small office such as this is really like. We can relate each time something really stupid happens to something that happened in our own lives with coworkers. I also happen to truly admire Steve Carrell as an actor, because he’s just so goofy it makes you feel better about your own life. In all of his movies and this television show, he’s just some geek with a big heart, trying to make it in the world. You have to love him for that.

5. Desperate Housewives. I chose this television series mainly because sometimes you just need a television show to spice up your life. You would never cheat on your husband, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch Eva Longoria (Gaby) have a steamy affair with a young guy. You would never burn down someone’s house, even if the woman did steal your man from you. But, you can watch Edie (Nicolette Sheridan) do this to Susan (Teri Hatcher). The show shows you that anything is possible in the lives of ordinary people.

6. Brothers and Sisters. This is a real class act. This show deals with all types of issues, and has a great cast that includes Sally Fields, one of my all time favorites. It’s one of few shows about a family with problems. Usually, we get a medical practice or law practice, etc. I particularly like the showing of how having a son go off to war can make a mother feel, as this is close to my heart. And, then this same brave soldier also battles drug abuse.

7. Dancing with the Stars. I think perhaps I should have put Dancing with the Stars at number one, but at least I’ve included it here. This show is about having a dream, and making it come true. You have to dedicate your entire being and then see through the goal. The stars on the Fall 2007 season seemed so incredibly dedicated, and even up to the finale, it was anyone’s game. This year, I think we found a true dancing star in Sabrina Bryan, and I think romance will blossom with her and Mark Ballas and that they will take the world by storm with their dancing and wonderful relationship.

8. October Road. The value in this television show is that you learn that if you leave everyone you love, you’re going to miss out enjoying their lives. If you feel the need to be by yourself for a few years, you won’t get to see what goes on with other people you care about. And, when you finally come to your senses, everything has changed, and you will never get back that lost time. In this there’s a lesson that we should all think about everyday. Spend time with your friends and family, whenever you can.

9. Fashionably Late with Stacy London. This is a cute new show that launched in late Fall of 2007. It’s on Friday night, for any of you lonely, but also fashionable people out there who want something to spice up Friday evening. You get to learn about new fashion trends, what goes into fashion, and more while kicking back and relaxing in front of the tube.

10. Design on a Dime. Most of us are on a budget, and most of us still want our homes to look like we’re not on a budget, right? So, this show gives you ideas on how to make your home look like it has all those expensive things you desire, without breaking the bank. Need I say more?

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