Best of What’s Around: The Dave Matthews Band

I’m just going to get this out of the way, I love Dave Matthews Band. I am very passionate to their cause of bringing soothing music to the world and amazing jam session concerts to venues, soulful lyrics and a gorgeous lead singer to boot! With this affectivity in full force, I felt it was time (much overdue) to dedicate an article to the band that would be Dave Matthews.

In 1991 they played their first gig on top of a roof and 15 years later, they have said good bye to rooftops and now rely on sizable venues like Red Rocks in Colorado and Madison Square Garden to accomodate their dedicated fans, and they not only play one night at these venues, but up to three in a row, because of the high demand for crazed fans like me to get their Dave fix.

How much more amazing of an infusion of sounds can you get with a bass player (Stefan Lessard), saxophone, (Leroi Moore), violin (Boyd Tinsley), drums (Carter Beauford), and singer/guitarist (Dave Matthews). What seems like an odd pair of five, ends up truly with an origin of original lyrics and music. DMB’s most memorable songs, the ones that make it to radio and are deemed a “hit,” are “Ants Marching,” “Crash Into Me,” and “Where Are You Going.” They receive numerous nominations for Grammys and walked away with their first Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for “So Much To Say,” off their second album “Crash.”

With eight studio albums, eight live albums, and two solo albums released by Matthews and violinist Boyd Tinsley, DMB (as die hard fans know them) are encouraged to spread their music about by such a devout audience that is a bit older than the teenie boppers on TRL and much younger than say, Michael Bolton fans. The fan base is there and it is what keeps them atop success and yet below mainstream grandeur.

The key to Dave Matthews Band and their achievements is continued valued music that is both created by their own ability to play off each other, but also the open mindedness to be influenced by others. If anything, you do not want to listen to DMB a la CD, do yourself a favor and go see one of their concerts, it will warm the heart of even the most cynical. Their infamous jam sessions that can last up to ten minutes long of pure jazz like sounds, is doubtlessly a feat to witness and dance to.

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