Better Image for L.A. Means Better Business for Angels of Anaheim

Protecting the image of Los Angeles can help the Angels of Anaheim do better business. The Los Angeles image is drama, hype, and theatrics. Francisco Rodriguez needs a theme song.

Showmanship in the closer role, often criticized, has become a staple at nearby stadiums in Chavez Ravine and San Diego. It’s a money maker t-shirt, theme song, crowd pleaser, and it tells the opposing team that they’re time is up. With a 1.82 ERA, 24 saves in 26 chances, and 55 K’s through 40 innings, it’s hardly ventosity, vainglorious, or arrogant.

Numbers speak for themselves, but personally, Francisco, Mr. Rodriguez, is competitve, focused, and a leader out their in the pen even if he can’t speak English beyond a third grade degree. The guy is a phenom and he deserves a theme song.


1)”Can’t Touch This” M.C Hammer
2)”Goodnight It’ s Time to Go” Ted Danson, Steve Guttenburg, and Tom Selleck from the Three Men and a Baby soundtrack.
3)”Moonriver” Morrissey

Any which way but loose, these songs will put opposing player’s heads to bed. No chance for a comeback, and if “Moonriver” is selected, it will not only be a loss for the opposing team, but a dumb loss. I like “Can’t Touch This.”

“Can’t Touch This” is bumpin’. It’s a crowd shaker, but with that much energy, Rodriguez and the halo defense better not get edgy. Poise will have to be maintained, and once that poise is maintained, the pressure now mounts on the opposition to come up with those runs.

“Goodnight It’s Time to Go” while the home team closer is coming into save the game will light the opposition on fire, and these guys are athletes. They won’t have the sense to deal with that kind of raillery. I like those 24 for 26 odds going up with this one. The team has got to stay strong though. They start losing and they’re the laughing stock of the league, not likely though with the talent they possess and management’s commitment to winning. Eventually, all good teams take that trip to the shrink, but that trip is still a ways away for these defending champs out West.

Building a solid reputation is something the Angels should bank on. They’ve invested the money, now it’s time to create the image. Home town Angels are pleasant, bumpin’ Angels are the hootenany, but the baby Angel… the baby Angel could quite possibly be the killer. I doubt it. Heck, it’s nothing personal!

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