Beware of MySpace Tracker Scams!

There has been such a rush lately for MySpace tracker information that it was really only a matter of time before spam and scams started showing up.

A couple days ago I received a bulletin from someone on my friend’s list. The bulletin said something like this…

“Want a MySpace tracker? Re-post this bulletin and type in MySpace Tracker, MySpace Tracker and information will be sent to you.”

Ok, now that one was harmless enough. Of course, no one is going to send you any information just because you posted a bulletin… all you’re really doing is creating bulletin spam and looking stupid.

But then there was another bulletin that actually included a link to a website that claimed to have a working MySpace tracker. So I checked it out… I was directed to a website that consisted of a single page. No contact info, no email adress… just a simple, no-frills page with a form on it. The form asked for your email (the one you use to log onto MySpace) and your MySpace password.

I wanted to see what would happen so I used the info from an old MySpace account that I had created awhile ago. I filled in the information… even my password and clicked Submit. This message appeared “Site down for maintenace. Check back shortly.”

Now do you really think the site was down for maintenace? Probably not… Most likely, whoever created the website was just trying to acquire as many email addresses and MySpace passwords as possible. Or maybe even a specific MySpace password for someone on his friend’s list. For what? Who knows…(And no I’m not going to post the link here.)

The point is, you really need to be careful. Don’t believe every claim about MySpace trackers that you hear, no matter how “desperate” you are to know who is viewing your Myspace profile.

But you should never enter your personal email, MySpace or password information into something that you’re not sure about.

If you absolutely have to sign-up for it… create a dummy MySpace account and use that info instead. A little caution and common sense goes a long way.

As far as actual MySpace tracker news… I’ve come across a a few MySpace tracker sites that I hadn’t seen before, but haven’t had much time to actually go in and see how they work, although it’s doubtful that they do actually work. I’ll be posting more MySpace tracker news soon though… so stay tuned.

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