Beware of Online Auction Fraud

It seems that everyone has become online auction crazy. For sellers there is the opportunity to reach millions of customers and for buyers a bargain around every corner. Its a shame that there has to be a negative side to everything, but online auctions have made things easier for scammers. I think more and more of us are aware of this fraud, but we can still be victims. In this article I hope to give out some tips to avoid being a victim, and continue to do business the honest way.

First of all its important to remember that we can all be victims both buyers and sellers. Also remember that some of the smartest people can be scammers so don’t complete a deal if something isn’t right. Buyers don’t bid until you have read the entire description make sure your bidding on the actual item and not just the box. Also use your common sense if no one is bidding on an item there is probably a reason for it.

If your going sell on Ebay or any other auction site be very careful. Keep the auction at the auction site if someone is generally interested they should have no problem bidding. Scammers will rarely bid but just make offers usually in the form of checks. Another way to spot them is they will usually offer over the top offers, this is because the money isn’t real. Although this is your choice I wouldn’t accept any checks they are often fake. Also be wary of any kind of payment if you get a email saying you have been paid by paypal, don’t click on the link but go to and make sure. Under no circumstances ship something before you get cash this is the most common scam. Also do not accept wire transfers these are often funded with fake cashier checks or the money isn’t there. If you insist on accepting wire transfers or cashier checks check with the bank they are real. Also watch out for money orders they are not secure either get them checked even if it looks good.

In conclusion if your a buyer make sure you know what your bidding on. Sellers do your transaction within Ebay or other auction site. Don’t ship anything until you have been paid, don’t trust anything some emails are very convincing, but don’t fool for them remember scammers are smart. Another tip is if you ever get a convincing email with spelling mistakes it is fake. Generally just use your common sense if it doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t. Good luck out there.

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