Beyonce Versus Christina Aguilera: Who’s Album Should You Buy?

When you compare beyounce’s new album to some of the other new albums that are coming out within the next few weeks, do you really think that her album matches up to the rest. As usual her beats are always the greatest, and her vocal are phenomenal, but is it really that different from what she has done in the past? I think that a lot of people were expecting something a little different from Beyounce this time. The booty shaking music that she had in just about all of her Destiny Child Album’s as well as her solo album are getting a little played out.

But I would like to point out that not all of her songs on her new album are fast paced and up beat. She does have some very beautiful ballads as well. But when compared with Christina Agulleria, Beyounce’s album falls a little short. For those of us who have already had a sneak peak at the songs on both albums, you can already see that Christina Aguilera has definitely taken the cake this time with her vocals, and with her lyrics.

Unfortunately it seems like beyounce has run out of things to sing about. In Christina’s songs you can feel exactly what she wants you too feel with each song. She seems to have matured greatly, and is not showing that through her music.

Before you buy either one you should take the time to listen to a few samples of the songs and see if it is really worth the money. In the past I have bought every Destiny Child’s album and I must say that after a while you get tired of the fast paced booty shaking songs.

Beyonce and Christina both have such beautiful voices with amazing range, and real music lovers do not want to hear the strong beats, we would prefer to hear their true talent. Sometimes in these fast paced songs it is very difficult to hear a person’s true singing ability.

I think that it is time that singers follow Christina Aguilera’s lead and start singing a lot more mature songs and leave the booty shaking to the younger generation. These two talented women are moving into adulthood, and that should now be expressed in their music.

Even though sex does sell, maybe it is time to show young teenage girls that they have much more to offer than just their body. Even though these two women do not feel like this is what they do it really is. You can see that just by looking at Beyounce’s new music video. Do you really think that she is sending a message of class to teenage girls? Just a few things that you should take into consideration before buying either album.

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