Beyonce’s Good Morning America Concert

Last Night was crazy for me. I went to fashion rocks and that sucked. So then I had to be at Foxy Brown’s party by 12p.m. to get in free. I leave Fashion Rocks after 11:15 p.m. and had to rush to the party and barely made it. I left the party about 3:45 a.m. and made my way to times square. Hit up McDonalds then went to 44th street where the concert is at. They already had the stage set up and people waiting on a line. I’m thinking its all good since I am close to the front, only like 15 people were already there. So as time goes on more and more people come and next thing you know there is a VIP line.

The VIP line consisted of people part of the fan club, people that were invited and contest winners. I didn’t think too much of the VIP line because anywhere you go there is always one. But then the line got mad long and people started getting tight. The entire VIP line was let in before general admission, at least over 75 people, so someone could of came at 7a.m. and get in before someone who was there since 4 in the morning.

Wasn’t too big a deal because people in the front of general admission still got a very good view. Beyonce didn’t come out until 8:30, so we were all just stuck there standing forever. The audience a high rate of gay males that came out to support Beyonce, some were singing along to her songs and you can tell they had sugar in their tank. A lot of people were screaming they love Beyonce and things of that nature, I looked on and just shook my head.

So Beyonce finally comes out and does her Good Morning America performances. She seemed really nice talking to the crowd and smiling. She seemed like a regular person and showed no signs of being a diva or stuck up. Beyonce was backed by her all female band, which will be on tour with her sometime this or next year. Beyonce was looking very beatutiful, seen her at the MTV awards but didn’t really have time to take everything in.

She had on make up but it wasn’t OD in my opinion, her face looks like it would be cute with out makeup. Beyonce more than proved her vocal talent hitting notes with ease. Beyonce gave enthusiastic performances even though she was up late the night before performing at Fashion Rocks. Even if you may not like the new album by Beyonce, it would be hard to leave her concert not wishing her the best, respecting her talent and beleiving she is a good person. You can find video and pictures of the performance at

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