Bike Trails in Yankton South Dakota

Yankton, South Dakota is located in the southeastern corner of the state of South Dakota. This community of about 13,500 is host to a collection of bike trail totaling more than 30 miles. Each trail offers a good quality, beautiful, clean, and safe trail for your biking enjoyment. The trails will lead you thru the core of Yankton, past schools, museums, outdoor classrooms, and on down to the Missouri River. Here’s a listing of some of the trails and what to expect to see along the way.

The Trailhead that leads to Paddlewheel Point starts out at the Visitor Center on 4th St, which is Hwy 50 coming from the east. Along this trail you will find native plants that are identified on the guideposts for you.

Auld-Brokaw Trail (which is named after a famous native, Tom Brokaw, and his wife,Meridith). This trail runs parallel to Marne Creek and takes you into and through the middle of Yankton. Along the way you will come across schools, parks and the Rotary Nature Area, where there is an outdoor classroom for you to check out. Or if you desire, you can sit and relax on the many benches that are provided for you.

Arboretum Trail takes you along the outer edge of the high school and will lead you to an arboretum (an area for trees and shrubs on exhibit) displaying the native trees, wildflowers, and shrubs. An outdoor classroom is also located here.

Fantle Memorial Part Trail is where you will find the local swimming pool, tennis courts, ball fields, picnic area and a huge area to play and recreate in. Here you are welcome to relax and enjoy the park atmosphere, or continue on with your ride.

Trailhead to Riverside Park Trail will lead you to a park located along the Missouri River. This park plays host to a wonderful celebration in August called Riverboat Days. On the first evening of this celebration you will be witness to the most amazing fireworks display over the Missouri River.

Westide Park to West City Limits Rd will lead to the west edge of town. At this park you will find a little pond with ducks and geese swimming and wandering around while waiting for a handout of bread pieces or popcorn. Here, also, is a little bridge leading to a small island where you can sit on a bench and enjoy the antics of the inhabitants that live there. And if you are a child under twelve, you are welcome to go fishing there for free.

Highway 52 trail takes you away from the city limits and heads you west out of town and right to the National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium. From this point going west you will be heading into the state campgrounds where the trail continues to wind in and around the camping areas and along the Lewis and Clark Lake and the Missouri River.

All along these trails and the others not listed, you will find not only the beauty, nature, and safety as mentioned above, but you will also find a very pleasant experience, no matter where the trail leads you. No need to worry about getting lost. The friendly people of this not so small and not so big community are always willing to visit and guide you along the way. Happy trails!!

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