Birth with Nicole Kidman and Danny Houston

Birth, directed by Jonathan Glazer, is an outstanding portrayal of how love never fades. Nicole Kidman in one of her most breathtaking performances characterizes a grieving young widow that had unexpectedly lost her husband.

Anna (Nicole Kidman) loses her husband Sean through an unexpected death. She mourns his death and seeks to find an identical match of the husband she lost, and hopes to one day conquer the feeling of love she once experienced. As she fills her needs and accepts her loses she meets Joseph (Danny Houston) a man that accepts her past and provides to her the unconditional love that she’s longing. They prepare to settle down and devote their time to planning an extravagant wedding while living a life together that’s full of love and happiness.

Ten years after Sean’s death, a youthful ten year old boy (Cameron Bright) comes into the picture claiming he is Anna’s husband, reincarnated. He finds Anna and does everything in his power to make her believe it’s him. Through his efforts he tries to rekindle the relationship that was lost by his death. Anna seems to be the only believer and the more time she spends with him, the more she falls in love with him again. Her family is concerned, and though Sean makes a generous effort to persuade her family of his true identity, they can’t see past his ten year old boy appearance.

Joseph begins to question Anna’s true intentions and feels their relationship slipping away. Anna’s family begins to worry and things begin to fall apart. Jealousy and envy begin to take over and everyone prays for the best. No one wants to lose Anna to a ten year old boy, but can this boy really be Sean?

Anna knows that falling in love with a ten year old boy could result in some major consequences but the love she has for him is so strong. She knows that her emotional and sexual needs will suffer but Sean is optimistic and will provide whatever he is capable of.

Secrets begin to unfold and Anna finds herself lost in a love triangle with only one solution. Sean finds out a secret of his past that haunts his future with Anna. Joseph shows his darker side and proves his love to Anna but his jealousy keeps him at a much greater distance. Anna wants to rewind the past and bring back her husband without suffering any consequences along the way.

What will happen to this love triangle? Will Anna run away with Shaun? Will she forget the love that the once shared and continue her relationship with Joseph? Can she back away from her ex-husbands love?

Birth is a wonderful story about lost love and how one seeks to find it. Nicole Kidman’s performance was outstanding. I rate it a 4 out of 5.

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