Birthday Gifts for Teens

These days, it’s nearly impossible to find birthday gifts that will suit a teenager. Teens are hard to shop for, are reclusive, and will never tell you whether they like the gift that you bought for them. However, with the onset of the digital and plastic age, gift cards are becoming more and more popular for those teens that seem impossible to buy for.

One of the first places you should look for a gift card is at Best Buy, or on their website at They not only offer gift cards that can be redeemed in any retail or online store for any item, they also offer specific gifts cards specifically pertaining to birthdays, music, movies, and video games. They even offer gift cards in Spanish! Their gift cards range in price from $10 to $500, and have no expiration date or maintenance fees and come with free ground shipping if you buy them online. A Best Buy gift card can be a great idea for those teens that are interested in electronics or just want to get a few movies or CD’s.

Buying clothes for a teen’s birthday can be a nightmare right? Not anymore. With a gift card from a stylish retail outlet like Abercrombie and Fitch, the hassle of trying to find something stylish and that fits your teen is over. Instead of seeing a look of despair on the recipients face, watch them light up when they realize that they can spend the $100 on anything from scarves, to jeans and t-shirts, from the comfort of their own home, or at any of Abercrombie and Fitch’s many stores. Abercrombie offers gift cards from $25 to $200 and also come with no expiration date. The great part about these cards that if they are lost or stolen they will be replaced with a proof of purchase. Check them out at for more details and to purchase one for your teen.

If you have a more studious teen who isn’t into fashion and electronics, then head over to Amazon has hundreds of thousands of books, so if your teen likes to read, a gift certificate from here will probably make their day. Amazon now offers e-mail gift certificates that come in denominations from $5 to $5,000 dollars and come with a personalized message and arrive within hours. These can be used on any of the million+ items available on Amazon. This includes items that can be bought right on the website from places like Target, Toys R’ Us, and Office Depot. A gift certificate from Amazon will most definitely cover your bases and make sure that your teen can find something they like.

It used to be impossible to by gifts for teens. You knew where they liked to shop, but you never could figure out exactly what they wanted. Now, gift cards and gift certificates eliminate all the guesswork and your teen will finally end up with something that they want and won’t return.

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