Bissell Vs Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

I bought the bag less type in both bissell and dirt devil as i don’t want to spend money and time(in searching for particular brand and type) for buying bags.Further i don’t want to buy costly vacuum cleaners like dyson but in a range of $150-225.Dirt devil was $145(walmart).so we bought it for the first time.Then after using it for 2 years we bought bissell for $200. I liked bissell more than the dirt devil.


As i am having a toddler who will be picking the small dirts from the floor and will be putting in her mouth,i need a good vacuum which cleans even very minute particles. Bissell did that function very well with the help of turbo brush and new technology. It not only worked well in the carpet floor but also proved to be amazing in the bare floor of my kitchen.No more complication in the change of switch from carpet to bare floor as it is just one knob.Firstly the assembly was very much easier(compare to assembly of some toys of my kid) .
The attachments were designed in such a way that it fits to the hose properly and not falling out while we are using it.My kid was very much annoyed of the sound these cleaners make.But i think this bissell runs some what quieter(though making some noise yet bearable).Long hose helps to clean the ceiling and stair without moving the vacuum and the vacuum is also not tipping over.I am not having i cant able to explain about bissell’s suction of pet’s hair.But i actually bought this because of recommendation of my friend who has a cat and told that it clears them very well.The emptying of the dirt container is easy.Switches are placed in proper position and are easily accessible.I am using bissell for the past 2 years and still it continues to have the same suction power.Most of the other brand vacuums will loose suction eventually in the course of one year.Of course it is worth for the price which is reasonable.
One thing that i will complaint about this product is the heavy weight.Sometimes I find it difficult to move the vacuum.I can’t take it out from the storage place without the help of my husband.In order to have a perfect clean we can bear this little disadvantage.

Dirt devil:

Before buying bissell i used the dirt devil.The bright red colored worked well for 2 years.After that it started to loose its suction power.Though I vacuum the carpet area twice or thrice yet i can able to see dust and dirt.It made me to pick off the paper bits and particles from carpet by hand and feed into the bottom of the vacuum(very much tired ).I tried changing the filter though the product manual states no replacement for lifetime.No improvement.Further when it was brand new then also it cleaned the carpet area wonderfully but not the floor of the kitchen or bathroom.As there was less bare floor to clean i was OK with this.But if your house is vinyl floored or hard one then sure Dirt devil vacuum will not serve its purpose.If you are vacuuming with dirt devil then without informing it will be known to your neighbor as it will make that much unbearable sound. Most of the time the clog will stop the normal functioning of the vacuum.But will start to work after cleaning them(Don’t afraid–it will be much easier to unclog).The main thing which attracted me to buy Dirt Devil was its warranty and also the price.In the two years I never had any complaint about breaking of parts.Dirt devil’s working proved the fact that we will get for what we pay.

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