Black Friday

Balance sheets go from red to black
A gift earned on the workers’ back
Capitalist train surging on inflated track
Cheap deals today’s highballing smack.

Thanksgiving used to last all day

Family togetherness on evenings chilly and gray
Hands held, games played, stories told, even pray
Nostalgia and anticipation of Santa’s sleigh.

Now the meal’s done quick
Families anticipating deals so slick
Forsaking togetherness and tradition
For marketing shtick.

It used to start Friday but creeps closer
Every year
Thanksgiving dying
But nobody sheds a tear
All we worry about is the fear
Of missing a deal.

Door buster just bluster
Takes all the energy and patience
You can muster.

Gobble the meal, hit the stores
Try not to think of consumerism’s sores.

Did those workers get to enjoy family time?
Stocking the shelves for a nickel and dime
Missing out on the holiday
So richer folk can enjoy a consumer payday
Search for a deal but not look their way.

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