Blue Horizons: New Attraction at Sea World Orlando

Blue Horizons, a 30-minute show located at the Whale and Dolphin Theatre, allows audience members to participate in one woman’s dream. The dream is set to inspiring music and includes performances by dolphins, killer whales, birds, and people.

This show proves that the only way to dream is to dream big and in color. Gone are the days of cute dolphins jumping through hoops and trainers narrating the show. As audience members walk into the theatre there is already a sense of something extraordinary because of the elaborate set design made to look like cascading waves.

In this dream sequence audience members experience the next level of entertainment. The audience is treated to performances by high divers, bungee jumpers, and trapeze artists, in addition to the dolphins and whales. The animals seem to know when to jump and flip because the trainers use very subtle signs for the tricks. With the new set design the animals can come and go without the audience noticing, which means more entertainment and less watching animals get rewarded with fish.

The costumes worn by the trainers and other performers are very vivid and colorful which helps play a part in the dream better then the traditional one color wet suit used in the past.

Blue Horizons is a show full of sight and sound and color. After experiencing this show audience member has seen much more then amazing animal tricks, they have been taken on a journey to the next level of animal entertainment.

Time Saving Tips: This show blends both animals and most of the stunts that are in the Odyssea show, if short on time skip Odyssea and watch Blue Horizons to get more excitement for your time.

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