Boat Race – Drinking Game

This game is fun for large groups; you generally need about 8 people but the more the better. Basically you will take two teams of equal players, a lot of beer, some cups, and cans of beer are all necessary. The setup is easy enough you will line all of your players up in two rows side by side (however you really want to line up as long as you are in some sort of drinking order). Each play will need a glass full of beer, and the last person on the “Boat” will need three cans of beer (they are considered the anchor).

The start of the game the first players in the row place their chins and thumbs on the table, and they cant start drinking until the person in charge chants “Thumbs on tables…chins on tablesâÂ?¦face the waterâÂ?¦consume!” Now the first drinker on each team can take their drink and start chugging. Once they are finished chugging their entire beer then they must put their glass on their head to show the next person in the line that they are to start chugging their drink, all drinkers continue in this manner. Once everyone in the group has drunk the anchor has to finish two of their three beers and the first team to do this wins the race.

There are some other rules to this game, if anyone is trying to drink to fast and spills a significant amount of beer then when the race gets to the anchor, they must finish all three of their beers. If a chug is broken, meaning the beer leaves the drinkers lips it’s an equal offense as spillage and another beer is added for the anchor to drink. Some people play that if more than one person spills a large amount of beer then the team is disqualified. Since I don’t like this rule we just penalize the anchor more, by making them drink another beer at the end. The anchor needs to be your best drinker generally.

Different variations of this game include each player having two glasses of beer and the race goes to the last person then back to the front of the “boat” where the last and first people in the line drink two beers consecutively, again the first team to finish their beers without spilling are declared the winners.

There is also a One-Man Boat race; there are two teams of one. The table has five beers setup on a table, plus one spillage beer for any penalties. Each person must drink each beer then proceed to the next beer down the table. After they finish each beer they must move to the next beer, first one done with their beers plus any penalty beers wins the game.

A very fun way to select teams for this game is to setup your college sports teams versus each other. Take your college football team against your basketball team and see who the true champions of the school are.

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