Bose Solo TV Sound System Review

When I watch TV I like to listen to the show with just the TV sound on. I don’t need surround sound to listen to my favorite shows. I turn the TV and the cable box on and then I start my show. Easy and simple. That’s the way I like it. I try to turn the TV on as little as possible throughout day but with three children it eventually gets turned on. They don’t care about the sound quality either, they just want to watch something.

My husband on the other hand is a surround sound junkie. He loves to listen to his shows and movies with added bass and the surround sound on. We have had a few different brands of Home Theater quality speakers but he always navigates to Bose. Before we moved into our current apartment, he had the Bose 3-2-1 system. The speakers were nicely hung on the wall and the wires were hidden too. When he sits down to watch his shows he needs to have it on. He figures that he has it, why not use it.

We moved into our apartment and the living room was way smaller than our other place so the Bose 3-2-1 system just wasn’t going to cut it. I’m sure we could’ve put the speakers up but we didn’t. Then Bose came out with Bose Solo TV Sound System. My husband bought it immediately from and it arrived two short days later. It took my husband literally a minute to install the sound bar and we were both amazed by the quality and sleekness of the Bose Solo TV Sound System. I started to watch my shows with the Solo TV Sound System on. It didn’t bother me the way that the 3-2-1 system did. I prefer the sound bar over the typical Home Theater setup.

Bose has a home run with the Solo TV Sound System in my opinion. From the easy setup to the quality of sound they put into their product to the stylish shape of the unit. It’s a great way to get the sound quality out of the movie or show. Bose didn’t sacrifice any of their known quality when they produced the Solo TV Sound System. I thought if it was a Bose product, then it would be expensive but it wasn’t. The price point was affordable and I am happy with my husband’s decision to purchase the Bose Solo TV Sound System.

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